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  1. maxcruiser

    Cybermax Light upgrade

    I received my new to me Cybermax headlight from Kyle (CaptainKyle). Now I want to upgrade the lights on it and have been searching the net on what would work best. Unfortunately, all it did is confuse the crap out of me. I want a high/low beam light that are waterproof to fit in the 2" holes...
  2. B

    Need Cybermax Light Help!!!!!

    I've read a lot of posts on here regarding the cybermax headlight and how inadequate they are for night driving......which I can personally confirm.....and several people have suggested going to a 100w bulb instead of the stock 55w bulbs. The stock bulbs are parabolic single filament "H3" 55w...
  3. M

    cybermax alternative?

    For those of you who like the cybermax headlight might like this...
  4. M

    Cybermax headlight

    Just seen this on ebay. Thought someone might be interested
  5. M


    hi i recently brought a vmax with a cybermax headlight conversion problem is that its no good in the dark, is there anyway of improving this. cheers.
  6. T

    Cybermax headlight

    Does anyone have any info on the cybermax headlight? I have been told that it is cool to look at but the actual lighting capability of the headlight sucks!!! Any truth to this? Any info would help. :ummm:
  7. Rusty McNeil


    Got my Cybermax headlight today, it's freaking beautiful (or Ugly, depending on who you ask) Anyway..props to Exactrep for delivery.. I placed my order Tuesday at noon and got it on my doorstep at 3 today (friday):uhm00000: From Coventry, England to Baytown, Texas in 3 days?? How...
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Cybermax light output...