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  1. VMAX1260

    One cylinder not firing

    so after almost 3 years i am back on the roads, before 2 days as iwas riding my no 1 cylinder stoped firing, things i have checked checked if i had spark. No spark replaced with new spark plug - No spark replaced the ht coil with the right one to see if i had spark - No spark , my bike...
  2. Deuce57

    Need clutch master cylinder for 97 Vmax.

    I looked on eBay, but either they're overpriced or not in the condition I'd like. Anybody have one for sale? If so, let me know what you want for it, please.
  3. S

    Intermittent 3 cylinder running

    I have a 2011 with V&H CS1 exhaust, PCV with autotune. I have plans to get the ecu sent to Mr Nash. I have the bogging just off idle & the issues with cruising surges but lately I've started having it run on 3 cylinders, usually only lasts a few seconds. I looked at all the connections for the...
  4. V

    Clutch master cylinder

    ive recently bought a vmax project and ive just started doing bits to it... I bought a master cylinder repair kit for both front brake and clutch... the clutch kit came with an extra little spring and washer that was not there when I dismantled the old cylinder... ive seen on a drawing that it...
  5. G

    One cold cylinder!!!

    Hey all, Newbie here, I just picked up my 1989 v max with v boots with o my 19000kms and in excellent overall condition. The guy who I bought it off had it since new and rode it very lightly so I know it has had an easy life. The carbs haven’t been touched for a long time. The bike starts...
  6. g2501

    rear master cylinder upgrade

    Being an inexperienced rider I made a huge mess with my rear master cylinder. Long story short : I've decided to make some maintenance to the rear master cylinder and ordered the kit. Swapped all the internal parts with the new one and mount it back on the bike. as soon as I tried to pump...
  7. A

    Foreign object in front left cylinder

    Quick question here is it possible to lift front cylinder head about 1 centimetre (with the engine in the frame)to remove something that has dropped through the spark plug hole into the front left cylinder (yes through my own stupidity☹) have tried magnets and endoscopes .:ummm: Would...
  8. I

    Scorched cylinder

    Newbie here! I had a rear head gasket leaking externally and also a bit of oil in the radiator overflow tank.Don't know if the 2 are separate issues but I started by pulling the heads and #3 cylinder has some bad scoring on the top of the bore. Bike ran great I just want to fix it right and...
  9. Fire-medic

    porous cylinder

    This kind of defect isn't what you expect to see in a modern bike, this is from a Hyabusa which also was victim of a careless assembly by someone prior to the current owner. They didn't replace the hollow dowels for the cam bearing/covers.
  10. S

    14mm front brake master cylinder

    Master cylinder is from a 2006 Kawasaki EX500. Flawless condition with adjustable short lever. Works great with a single 6 piston caliper setup. Asking $50 shipped to conus. Use [email protected] to contact.
  11. Lotsokids

    Oil Leaking From Cylinder Weep Holes - Help!

    I just changed my rear valve cover gasket and converted to COPs ignition. Worked on it all day. It started right up. Ran about 5 minutes, then shut down. Oil started draining from the weep holes in the #1 and #3 cylinders (rear cylinders - on the side between the fins on the cylinder). It's...
  12. Fire-medic

    Clutch slave cylinder replacement

    This is a job many people dread. When the slave cylinder leaks, there's no way to get around it. You have to fix it. I suggest replacement with a new one. Yes rebuild kits are available, but if it doesn't work (the rebuild) for you, do you want to repeat the job? I didn't think so. For this...
  13. tcflint

    CLutch master and slave cylinder

    Looking for a good setup for my '90. My original is getting weak. Looking for a good used set that hasn't been sitting around drying out or sucking up moisture. Not opposed to new if someone has parts that didn't get used or whatever. Thanks
  14. K

    New master cylinder

    Finally gave up trying to unclog the little hole. Found this master cylinder called Nissan off of webike Japan. Cost was about $100 as it was on sale and yen is weak. Anyway, bolted right up and did the reverse bleed and it pressurized real easy. Only downside is that it doesn't have the...
  15. K

    Brake master cylinder issues

    Last week, I changed to sumitomo 6 pot calipers and all was good. Today, I went ahead and swapped out oe brake lines to galfer lines, the 2 separate cables. I can't get any fluid to the master cylinder using the reverse bleed method. It feels like the banjo bolt at the master cylinder is...
  16. S

    Clutch master cylinder connectors

    Will the bike function if those two connectors are unplugged?
  17. T

    Question regarding No Spark on Cylinder 4

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue with a no spark condition on cylinder 4 (R/F) and I am wondering if there might be something simple I am overlooking. The bike is a 1988. I suspected bad wires or a bad coil so I swapped a known good coil and wires from Cyl 1 to 4 and the problem...
  18. 19vmax97

    gen 1 clutch master cylinder

    We are taking one last stab at finding a solution to the problems in upgrading the Clutch Master to Brembo on my 1997 Vmax. (OEM Ducati Brembo 848 1098 1198) Brake side is working like a charm, clutch not. New Barnett clutch is installed, Galfer lines, and the last attempt at trouble shooting is...
  19. N

    Brake Master Cylinder

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered, i did try a search and couldn't see what i needed. Im having some issues with the front brakes on my 1987 VMAX 1200, It all started when the brake lever would stick in when pulled. The brakes were bled to prevent the lever travelling to the...
  20. B

    Right front cylinder hotter than other 3

    My right front cylinder is running much more hotter than the others. Spark plug in right front shows lean clean burn, the other 3 show very rich. Switch the plugs, no difference. Turned the A/F screws in on the rich cylinders, will not lean out. If the situation was reversed I would be...