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  1. SpecOps13

    2nd Amendment Rights in Danger Again

    Stop Legislation: https://act.nraila.org/default.aspx?mapstate=#idma Check out the map for more state information on Carry: Click on your state for more info: https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/
  2. firefly

    The danger of electromagnetic field

    Electromagnetic waves generated by the rear coils (in vmax case) are directly under the seat giving us a dangerous dose of EMF every time we ride, read about its dangers & ways to reduce its harm while riding. http://www.motorcyclecancer.com/...
  3. SpecOps13

    Danger? Help, 85 / 86 Front Wheel Distance Collar.

    I'm working on an 85 or 86 front wheel. The Shop Manual Warning is as follows: Yamaha has determined that a problem exists in the front wheel distance collar on 85 and 86 model VMax's. Yamaha replaced the original stepped distance collar with a straight collar. Inspect the distance collar in...
  4. naughtyG

    Beware of snow shoveling scam

    Considering this week's weather forecast, this is a very timely warning. We consider these warnings a Public Service Announcement. BEWARE OF SNOW SHOVELING SCAM It will be snowing again soon and I wanted to warn you of this latest scam. You should be on the lookout for this pair in...
  5. firefly

    Kick stand shortening danger

    I heard that when doing any welding (electrical) grounding the welder to the bike's frame can damage electrical components of the bike:a014: , I don't know if this is true or not and what kind of damage does it do. If anyone has more information about that subject please post it. Thanks