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  1. TN_Max

    Rear Fender Delete

    I'd like to get rid of the rear fender overhang and get the tag up where it looks better, how is this done...a kit, bag of misc parts? Thanks!
  2. C

    UFO Cat Delete template

    As the title states, I need the cutout template for my UFO cat delete system. Previous owner did not cut the pipe guards and I want to put them on. Was going to call UFO this week but wouldn't you know it, they're closed!! I've done a Google search and come up with nothing, any help would...
  3. D

    Buster-please delete this account-thanks traumahawk.

    A man once told me "there is really something about that guy i just do not like about myself". I can understand why you would feel this way after finding that your comments were out of line. Without you knowing what i sent in pm's to the members in this area (mostly stickys and how to's) i can...
  4. V

    VooDoo Converter Delete Exhaust SALE

    Good Morning Members! Well maybe not morning by your time zone, you know it is 5 o'clock somewhere :) How about a sale for the VooDoo Yamaha V-Max Converter Delete Exhaust. Would 20% off interest you? This sale is good until August 31, 2014 so you need to act now. FREE SHIPPING in...
  5. V

    VooDoo Converter Delete Exhaust

    Hi there: It has been a crazy spring and I'm sorry I neglected you! Have you checked out the VMax converter delete satin black exhaust with megaphone mufflers? Coupon code VMAX-FULL for 20% off. And if you buy it before May 31, 2014, send in a video of your VMax before installation...
  6. VmaxRider85

    Akro cat delete pipe

    I have my '10 bought it used guy had the bike with it on with no tune, I took it off bc it was unsure if a tune was needed or it's safe?! Please help I miss the sound.. Message me or write back..
  7. ninjaneer

    How to delete your Google Browsing History before new policy

    just passing the message. don't shoot me. if you use an android device or have a google account (gmail, use google calendar, etc) and wish to retain as much cyberspace anonymity as is still possible in this day and age, then you may have interest in the following link...
  8. T

    rear back rest delete

    Does anybody know if there is a backrest delete piece available? I was hoping somebody has had to machine some over the years. I wanted to be able to throw this piece in when I wasn't needing to accomadate an extra rider. Also, can anybody tell me what all I'm missing to put a rear seat and...
  9. A

    Front Fender Delete

    Anyone deleted the front fender or have pics of a bike without it? Just scheming today wondering how it would look?
  10. PATMAX

    COO's Inner fender delete kit

    I was perusing Cycle One Off catalog and saw the kit to allow removal of ones metal inner fender at the rear. I was interested to know if anyone has this and what does it consist of? Is it something I could do on my own or is it more complicted than that. I run a different tail light set up...