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  1. ghostntheshell

    dial for rear suspension...

    While spending a few mind sitting on brand-new-to-me Vmax today, I looked her over and noticed the dial on the suspension in the rear. the left is set to 4 and the right is set to 3 I figure they are to adjust for the weight of the rider / passenger and such. Can anyone explain this to me...
  2. QuarterHorse

    Anybody doing Conesville this year? (Not dial up friendly)

    Just curious, I think a few of us are headin' down Friday and comming back Sat night after the drag races.
  3. G Man

    Poll: Dial Up or High Speed?

    Well, this topic has popped up once or twice. I'm curious how the membership accesses the 'net and this forum. No need to explain your choice, so don't feel out of place one way or the other. Just vote on the poll. I'm sure we all have valid reasons why we use what we use. Your choice of ISP...
  4. firefly

    The forum is too dial up unfrendly

    I think using dark colors and high screen resolution makes it load much slower to nearly impossible for people on dial up connections, also the smilies don't work properly for some reasone? windows xp? all update installed. and the tech section needs adding brakes, handle bars, electrical and so...