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  1. Traumahawk

    Another Radial tire discussion

    I'm currently running a 180/55-18 Venom R on the back with the avon storm 2 110/80-18 on the front. I'm looking for other options. So....do I have to stay with the same company front and rear.....or can I mix and match companies front and rear (like Shinko and dunlops), as long as you stay...
  2. D

    Radial rim advice and Mod discussion!

    1) What is a good 18 inch rear rim? I want to run a 180 without notching the swingarm, is that possible with an 18 inch rim? I was considering the 17 inch Kosmans but I think the 18 not only looks better, but will help with fuel economy and lower RPMs. The Carrs are amazing looking and quality...
  3. ghostntheshell

    Discussion of Jet Kits..

    Anyone care to give me a quick run down on jet kits? 1.) Stage 1 2.) Stage 7 3.) Morleys Jet kit 1.) How much HP and gains one would see with the kits? 2.) Reliability / driveability with the kits?
  4. ZRX/V-MAX

    Mad Cow discussion

    not kid safe, but funny! http://www.pimpworks.org/misc/madcow.swf
  5. clintard

    Helmet Discussion

    Hey guys, mom was hinting around tonight that i should wear a helmet and im pretty sure shell probably buy me one for christmas. Problem is, i have a ginormous head and i have no idea what size to buy etc. Its also gonna be tricky hinting back at her with size without blowing my cover...