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  1. donnelly317

    Dreaded fuel tank rust

    I just bought a 85 with a 97 PCW 1260 engine and a MADMAX rear end. I was told by the local yamaha dealer to look at fuel filter for rust because the VMAX is known to have rust problems expectially with the stupid ethonal. I asked the owner about it and he said he has had no problems... Well...
  2. SpecOps13

    How Big Is the Dreaded Oil Pipe O-Ring?

    I must be visualizing things way out of perspective. I thought the Oil Pipe O-Ring was pretty big, like an inch in diameter. I've never actually seen one until now. I ordered The Kawasaki O-Ring from Sean and it came today. It's barely big enough to fit on the end of my pinky...
  3. mikemax04

    Dreaded "0" ring facts

    I, like many others, would like to put this to rest once and for all. Speculation, hear-say and 21 years of hearing this supposedly problem over and over, it's time to deal with the facts and reality. I'll start out by saying there never was or is an oiling problem, period. I want to be...
  4. firefly

    The dreaded oil O-ring busted!!!

    I've never opened up the pan myself but took the bike to the dealer in the past and made him check it and replace all o-rings of the oil pick up line due to all what is going around about it popping out, to me it is peace of mind. that said. I had a cheap air pump that came with an exercises...