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  1. srk468

    Well, I'm a dumbass....

    Finally figured out the problem on my bike today after calling John at PCW, my dumbass installed the front cams wrong... I thought the marks would only line up one way but he instructed me that they will line up both ways.. Basically I only went the 70 degrees from #1 tdc on comp stroke when I...
  2. The Beekeeper

    Dumbass award?

    Ok, a couple of us are meeting at my place and going down to the Fox Shaumut hills free drag day at US131 motorsports Park in Martin Mi, I had cleaned up the bike last night and was adding 1/2 qt of oil this morning when DaMax showed up, we got our gear together and hit the road, made the trip...
  3. yukonerdave

    Dumbass award???

    *Sigh* We've all gotta learn some things the hard way, right? Had a brilliant idea tonight - powdercoated master cylinders! Spent several hours blasting them down and coated them all up. I think they look pretty kickass: Only one problem. They have little glass windows that aren't...
  4. coffee_brake

    dumbass question for R6 pads

    Now that the pads on the stock front calipers are worn out, I will finally install the R6 calipers I got months and months ago. The R6 calipers did not come with pads. When I buy pads for them, do I buy one set or two? That's a really stupid question I know, but I don't have the old pads...
  5. Rusty McNeil

    It's official! I'm a dumbass