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  1. ImCannibal

    Dumping at 35mph is expensive

    http://youtu.be/QOhTBW6J80U So this happened yesterday...
  2. 4gasem

    Wrecked my mighty max...

    Well it was stupid and slow but it's still done about 2000 dollars damage. Needless to say the COO engine guards are coming off before it hits the road again.:damn angry: Only plus is my engine doesn't have a mark on it...:biglaugh: Anyone running these on a lowered bike... MAKE SURE YOU...
  3. Shuriken

    Least expensive / best place to get carb jets?

    My carbs have 152.5 mains all around. 170 and 90 PA jets. I'd like do do some experimenting. Need to get one or two sets of mains and one or two sets of PA jets also. Any way to get around the $10.50 cost per main jet? Bikebandit wants $16 bucks for pilot screw sets also..... OUCH...
  4. mabchewy

    Expensive exhaust

  5. Zewerr

    Why are these bikes so expensive???

    http://www.ecossemoto.com I was looking through a Dupont Registry magazine the other day and found an ad for one of these bikes. At first glance, it looked to be turbocharged. Apparently that's just a carb. Then I saw the price tag. $49800??? WTF???? What the hell is so damn special...