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  1. S

    fjr1300 front rim on 89 max

    hi guys , does a fjr1300 front rim fit onto the first gen (skinny forks) without too much hassle. or is there a better rim that can slot in without being a telephone number? thx Ben:eusa_dance:
  2. S

    Anyone got an fjr1300 swing arm lying around ??

    Does anyone have one ? I'm after a few measurements before i buy one. Got some ideas about how to sort it (already done similar mod on another bike).
  3. Biker Dash

    FJR-1300 Rear Wheel

    Would the rear wheel from the Yamaha FJR-1300 fit on a 1st Gen Max? I do like the looks of that one, and I am certain I could find an 18" front that looks really close in design. (Or I could go with the FJR-1300 front wheel possibly which would be a good match)
  4. J

    FJR1300 wheels

    Has anyone ever tried putting FJR wheels on a Vmax? If so, will it work and what problems did you encounter. Want to put on radials, but can't handle $2500 for a set of nice wheels to fit the max.
  5. S

    yamaha fjr1300 rim fit on a vmax

    Does anyone know if you could put a fjr1300 rear and front rim on a vmax? The fjr1300 is a shaft drive dont kow how they would line up?:punk:
  6. coffee_brake

    WHY the FJR1300?

    Seems a lot of master cylinders have a 14mm bore. Why is the FJR1300 the replacement of choice? Would any master cylinder with a 14mm bore offer the same braking improvement? Like this one?
  7. U

    FJR1300 wheel

    Does anyone know if a 03 FJR1300 rear wheel (17x5.5) will fit the Vmax1200 I read they have the same hub.
  8. toddo


    I was looking at pictures of a FJR1300 and the diff looks simalar to the Max. Is the gear ratio different and will it bolt up to a Max? Just curious.:ummm:
  9. T

    FJR1300 Wheels

    FJR1300 Wheels Vmax Swap??? Not sure if this has been covered but I was looking at a Yamaha FJR1300 and the wheels appear to have the same features as the V-Max. Does anyone know if these wheels (front and rear) are a direct bolt on? They are 17" wheels.
  10. Rusty McNeil

    FJR1300 swingarm?????

    Anyone have any idea what the gears are in this thing and if it is concievably adaptable to the Max?????? I realize shock mounts would have to be created for it but beyond that could it work?????