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  1. wildweasel_pt

    Keihin FCR jet numbers

    Hi all I've been tinkering with FCR setups for a while and I would like to know what jets are the FCR users using on their carbs. I know it depends on pressure altitude and all that but I would like to have an idea of a starting point to work with. The FCRs have 4 jets, 2 air jets (main and...
  2. W


    Last summer I bought a 85 Vmax that was used mainly for drag racing. The bike is fitted with Keihin flatslides. I am not happy with the performance of the bike and think its a result of the carbs. The bike is very soft at low RPM's but awesome on top. Since I ride mainly on the road, I would...
  3. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Flatslides from COO

    I never knew COO sold flatslides. Is this a new thing for Tom? Not sure what the difference is between these and the ones PCW sells. I see it mentioned that you can use stock cables with this and there is a gear drive for the butterflies so you don't have to synch them...
  4. arjan

    flatslides or elctronic fuel injection

    Hi all, I'm doing some orientation about engine-tuning and some user-experience is very appreciated. My starting point: I want to get extra RWHP on continuous basis (so not NOS dependant) options are: bigbore / flatslides / EFI / jetkits at the end I want to be able to integrate a...
  5. shawn kloker


    Here is my next project.40mm FCR Keihin flatslides.They are step bores to 41mm.Racking them and making manifolds will be the hard part.