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  1. C

    Vmax forums

    Hi, I recently joined the forums again. I had a 2000 Vmax for the last 16 years. Just traded it on a 2012 Vmax. I love the new bike, but it is bone stock. I am buying some Vance and Hines exhaust for it etc. I also joined the other forum a month ago, whenever I try to post in...

    To show you guys how There is double crap going on these forums

    for example, if you go to this thread at the other forum and read the first question and see the answers. Remember when I asked the same question, I was...
  3. maxrom

    the goods of forums

    It`s great to share:eusa_dance: Thank`s Fkn great idea the CBR900 led tail-light:worthy: found 6 white led light for the lincense plate:damn angry: i`l be back with the entire Maxrom1200 with the 7" head-light/fly screen:clapping...
  4. PDWeyand

    Searching the forums

    Ok now I know that I am not the brightest night light bulb in the pack, but nor am I the dullest in that same pack. Now when I am searching the forum for help, let's say in electrical, and lets say a charging issue. When I type in the search box, I type in charging problem. I get almost every...
  5. F

    New to the forums, New to riding

    Hey all, I just joined the forum because I am going to check out a 96 vmax tomorrow and I got to say I am looking forward to it. I saw the ad for it the other day and called the guy up and am bringing my friend who rides and who is pretty damn good mechanically speaking so he can check it out...
  6. mattness

    im trolling some HD forums.. i think my approach was all wrong im gonna try and stir em up again
  7. trent7276

    Newbie question...two forums?

    Just asked this on the new VMOA forum as well but when I have a question it seems I go to two sites now of valuable experience. VMOA forum and VMF...what are the relationships between the two? The Yahoo Groups and message lists were the same way. VMAXTech and VMOATech. Why not join forces or...
  8. Buster Hymen

    The forums first "Boostaholic"!

    500+ posts! changes your member status. Congrats Firefly! :clapping: