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  1. Corrugated

    2004 fuel / carb / running problems

    Hello All, Had some running problems with my 2004 a few months ago, discovered some rust in the tank and have since pulled and cleaned / sealed the tank and reinstalled. Installed new fuel filter as a further precaution. Just finished performing the Shotgun clean on all 4 carbs (seemed...
  2. Moto_Proto_Flux

    fuel choking?

    hello, i have a 1995 vmax, pretty much stock, i am having an issue with fuel delivery recently. It will run perfectly fine when cruising at 3-4k rpm in town and just around, but when i try to wind it out a little harder, slow shifts with engine speeds up to 6k rpm, after about 10 seconds the...
  3. AndrewTech

    My First VMAX, Carb question. (I know, I know..)

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right category, or if I need to post on a "new members" thread first, but I'll see what responses I get, and adjust accordingly if needed. I thank you for your patience while I learn this new forum. I've been riding and working on bikes for about...
  4. C

    Reserve fuel switching

    Hi guys and gals, I have a problem whereby the bike only runs on reserve. Is there a slide solenoid valve somewhere and where is it? I suspect this is the problem. It probably needs cleaning out and greasing. Has anyone serviced this before? When I switch over to "main tank" she'll run for a...
  5. Bill Seward

    Fuel pump relay.

    I've been having a few problems recently with the Roadstar. Intermittent fuel pump failure. I replaced the pump with one from EBay. Sure as shit, it turned out to be a problem with the relay. Instead of spending a hundred bucks for a stock relay, I borrowed an Eastern Beaver relay from a spare...
  6. Bill Seward

    Roadstar fuel pump.

    It shit the bed a couple days ago. I bought another one of the $15.00 EBay pumps (like I have in Zilla), and it works fine. Clicks loud, just like the Max pump, but it works. You can set a Roadie up for gravity feed, but I wasn't into changing the float valve to a bigger one, and resetting the...
  7. L

    Fuel switch

    Looking around on Youtube and clicked on this. Nothing much to see until at 9:15 on the video it shows the fuel on/ res. switch and this one is a lights- on, off and po (parking only?) Very strange, I noticed the speedo is in mph, so not sure what the deal is. Any body got any idea on this...
  8. H

    does anyone have info on UFO Fuel Programmer

    hello everyone I just became the new owner of a 2011 Matte Black Max. It has the UFO fuel programmer installed. The bike did not come with any info on it, and I don't want to start pressing buttons without knowing how the programmer works if any of you guys have the data on this unit , I...
  9. R

    2nd eBay fuel pump dead

    I've used two of these and they have both died. One lasted about six months. This new one died after a month. What the hell? All I've seen is everyone saying they work great, etc... The first one started getting even louder than they normally are. This one just doesn't do anything. Late...
  10. racerboy

    07 Fuel pump relay

    Well, after replacing a slew of electrical components in the hopes of staving off any future issues (preventative if any), warming it up, everything seems good, heading down the road, then it starts to die as if running outta fuel. Mang!! Plenty of fuel, cant roll the throttle it will die but...
  11. B

    Fuel Hose Wire Clamp

    Hey everybody, quick question. The fuel line that feeds the fuel rail on the carbs has a special wire clamp on it that's unlike any other clamp on the bike. Well, I must have lost part of the clamp when I took the hose off, and now I can't get it to tighten down properly. I'm thinking about...
  12. cwkerr007

    fuel mix screw alternative

    i have a stuck fuel screw and before i go to digging it out with a pic and a magnifying glass "been here done this my quickest time so far 10 hours"I was hoping someone might know of a screw with a head that would extend out with a knob or one like the old 80's honda's had if anyone has a site...
  13. O

    ufo fuel maps 2010 vmax - stalling

    My 2010 vmax was running rich when I bought it with 2000 miles. it started to bog down and now stalls unless I rev engine at a stop I will bring it in to a dealer but don't want to buy a new fuel system if they don't have the maps. does anyone know where I can get the maps. its a 4 into 1...
  14. Osiris

    Air fuel mixture screw issues.

    I ordered replacement screw due to a stripped screw right rear carb. The carb was a bit rich and I could not adjust screw. When taking the old screw out it was very very tight. I see why it was stripped in the 1st place. When I look inside the carb I see no obstruction, but the the screw will...
  15. H

    Bad Fuel Pump? Let's get some opinions

    Hey everybody, I just finished bringing my friend's 99 back to life. I adjusted the valves, rebuilt the carbs, changed all fluids, rebuilt the forks, rebuilt all of the brakes, rebuilt the clutch slave, new fuel filter, and put on new tires. I fired it up yesterday, let it get hot, and got the...
  16. Conman

    No Oil or Fuel Light on Startup

    The fuel and oil light do not light up when starting the bike. When I changed the oil and started the bike briefly to get oil in the filter the oil light still didn’t come on when the oil dipped below the sight glass. The bike runs with fuel “ON” but I’m beginning to doubt that reserve...
  17. J

    Fuel Sending Unit

    Hey everyone--- My fuel sending unit wire is not attached anymore plus it deteriorated due to the gas sitting in my tank for many years without moving. Two questions---can this be fixed you think? If not, does anyone know if other Yamaha bikes have the same fuel sending unit? I have been...
  18. B

    Larger fuel tank under seat

    I’m looking to get one. I feel its necessary for my wife and I when we go out west on the bike. Do u have one?Quality? Do you recommend? Where did u purchase yours. Thanks for ur input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. g2501

    fuel indicator

    I've read a lot about the issues related to the installation of a fuel level indicator on the gen.1 vmax, and some days ago I've found this on the bay : their website seems to be in maintenance mode , but it's working and seems that they are selling a lot of this product. I know that this...
  20. K

    Fuel issues

    Ok, still trying to sort out the carb or fuel pump issue. When I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump clicks and primes and fills the fuel bowl in the carb. Bike starts and runs well until the fuel bowl is empty. The fuel pump does not send fuel to carb while motor is running. After bike dies...