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  1. SpecOps13

    Rossi's 12 ga pistol, Insane!

    This is the worlds Baddest !!!!!!
  2. jwerntl

    VMAX on PINE MOUNTAIN, GA - FDR State Park

    Hey all - Thursday last week I passed a VMAX on Pine Mountain in the curves at FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) State Park. Was it you?? And too, if it wasn't you and youre in the area let me know - I'd love to ride with another. Im in Senoia - near Peachtree City and Newnan --...
  3. BigJimi

    Looking for a Good Carb Mechanic Atlanta Ga

    I want to upgrade my exhaust and want to find a good carb guy North of Atlant would be great anyone know of any?
  4. Fire-medic

    Gen II in GA <$12K w/4K miles
  5. 0

    Need good tuner in west Ga or East Al.

    I added Marks 4-2 exhaust and Sean Morley's carb kit to my 06 Vmax. I had Marietta Motor Sports install and tune the carb kit but the best they could do was 1hp and 3fp of torque over the stock HP. That's a very small gain for the $1500.00 I have invested in the exhaust, carb kit and labor for...
  6. G

    Need Vmax Mechanic In GA

    I took my bike apart and found out that whoever had it previously put a bunch of mismatched nuts and bolts on it. I need someone who knows how to reattach the body work and use matching hardware...
  7. vmax626

    Is 10 Ga. monster wire too thick ?

    Hey guys, I want to change out the stock wire that runs from the stator to my R1 regulator but, I can`t find any monster wire above 10 Ga. It is way better wire than primary automotive wire but I`m a little worried about the current flow to the regulator may be too low because of the thickness...
  8. A

    VMax ride May 16th Gainsville Ga.

    Hey guys There is a ride on May 16th in Gainesville Ga. We are meeting at the Chevron station on Jesse Jewell Pkwy just off of exit 24 off I-985. We will be pulling out at 10:30 going on a 100 mile ride. Hope to see some folks there.:punk: Brian Autrey
  9. 82ndCowboy

    Orlado FL area to Savanna GA area Fun Ride (Short Notice)

    (Changed) Central and North Florida Fun Ride (Short Notice) If anyone is interested in going for a fun ride for the day. We are tentatively putting together a ride from North Orlando Area and Ride up to Brunswick, GA for some BBQ. So far tentative plans are for this Sunday Aug 31st. Leave from...
  10. John R

    American Diabeties Association in ATL, GA

    I wanted to post this earlier, just ran out of time. The American Diabeties Association had its annual ride today in Atlanta, GA. There were over 400 motorcycles in the ride. Hooters hosted the event. The boys in blue motorcycle brigade guided the ride. It was awesome! Believe it or not, out of...
  11. John R

    Atlanta, GA

    Anybody in the Atlanta, GA area? I live on the southern edge of Lake Lanier. Do the North GA mountains frequently. Always looking for fellow Vmaxers.
  12. Redux

    Last minute ride in N GA

    I have tomorrow ( April 18th ) off and hope to hit some mountain roads. Anybody up for a ride? As a side note, anyone that has my off days Monday & Tuesday, if you give me some notice for a future get together, give me shout. I usually don't go up to the mountains on the weekends. Too many...