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  1. CaptainKyle

    85-92 gauge cluster

    85-92 gauge cluster nice condition $ 50 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected] I have a lot of other Mic parts if you are looking for something email me & I might have it.
  2. spottedsquirl

    Temp gauge

    Hi everyone! I have an 85 max. I need help trouble shooting the temp gauge. I read somewhere on here about it but can't seem to find it again. I just need to know if the gauge is actually working or not from there I should be able to figure it out. What's all the steps and procedures on...
  3. T

    Mixture screw adjustment w/vacuum gauge??

    Anyone here recommend or set their idle mixture screw while the vacuum gauge is hooked up, looking for peak rpm? I have tried adjusting it listening for stumble and then out for peak RPM, but I think my hearing is shot from being around turbine engines my whole life. I can't hear that...
  4. K

    Temp gauge doesnt work

    Any ideas where to start looking? Not sure if gauge in cluster is bad or some sensor somewhere. I am always overheating so need to know the temps. Or can I hook up another temp gauge?
  5. S

    Cycle one off oil pressure gauge

    Can anybody tell me if COO's gauge fitting (not the adaptors down on bottom of the motor) is a 1/8 NPT?
  6. A

    DIY Oil pressure gauge

    Updated 3/12/18: If anyone wants to DIY the oil pressure gauge: 1. The oil galley plug - I believe this is M20x1.5 thread. So M20x1.5 w 1/8 NPT in middle to accept fitting. These are available for around $10. Exhaust Temp Temperature Sensor Adapter M20x1.5 20mmx1.5 -1/8NPT on fleebay 2. Marshall...
  7. B

    Vacuum Gauge

    In need of a carb sync really bad... Anyone got one for sale?
  8. sdt354

    Koso gauge -SOLD-

    I've got a never installed, new Koso gauge set up. Not the cheap one. It's got some accessories with it, instructions and everything you need.I'm buying something different I'd prefer to trade for a Digisynk. A small CO Gas analyser. Maybe towards some nice VMAX skins? A very good looking Gen...
  9. ImCannibal

    gauge cluster wiring?

    It's there an alternate location to splice into the gauge cluster lighting? I installed an aftermarket speedo with leds for turn/hi-beam/oil/neutral and I'm trying to find somewhere other than the back of the original gauge cluster to tie into those since the wiring is so tight and a pain in the...
  10. B

    Gen1 Motogadget Motosign gauge

    Coversion to a Motogadget gauge. Had to make adaption to the loom with some extra wiring for this. But it all works on the first testing run. Also new is a Motogadget Motosign with control lights. Just want to know if there is any way to make use of...
  11. Barry barker

    Chrome gauge cluster cover

    The chrome has scratches and is of poor quality. This cover is bolted to the original plastic cover. gauges are shown as a visual aid only and are not for sale $15.00 delivered to the lower 48
  12. P

    fuel gauge mount

    I really want to add a fuel gauge to my 86 VMax I've seen where a sending unit can be mounted in the tank. No problem there. But I'm having trouble finding the right combination of parts to clamp a fuel gauge to the handlebar. Has anyone successfully done this? I can't seem to find a 7/8...
  13. M

    Temperature gauge doesnt register.

    Hi This was my first ride on the bike. Just come back from a 40 mile pretty gentle run as thick fog. I noticed the temperature gauge had not lifted off the stop. The engine does not smell overheated and no sign of any leaks. The voltage at the sender was just under 3v. Is it low because...
  14. O

    Gauge Cluster

    Can someone verify this for me. I have an 85 that I am looking to replace my gauge cluster, speedo/tach ect. I can go with anything from years 85 to 89 correct?
  15. blaxmax

    ? gauge

    Can someone tell me the gauge in front of the brake pedal that guys are doing mods to and where to get one. I can't see it well enough on the photos but i see it is a pressure gauge of some kind-also the correct threads-Thanks:ummm:
  16. adambweird

    Oil pressure gauge hose

    I need to shorten the hose on my oil pressure gauge to accomodate a new mounting location due to my belly pan. I have no experience messing with this type of line. Im guessing find someone that can make hydralic lines and get some heat shrink tube to wrap it?
  17. gentsvmax

    WORKING Gas Gauge (Sneek Peak)

    Ok Guys, here it is. You can go to youtube, "Working Vmax Gas Gauge" for a short developmental video. Ill be posting many more step by step pics and phase 1 and 2 gauges. The low fuel light sender and circuit are still intact, the light is now L.E.D. as are all the rest of the pod lights. That...
  18. E

    Some Gauge Cluster Questoins

    So what I want is Sadly it's not in the budget... but ebay has...
  19. V

    Mini-Windshield and Gauge Combo

    Hi all! FNG here. I want to get a mini-windshield (toss up between the Givi and OEM instrument cowl) for a new-ta-me 1997 Vmax but also want to get a tach and maybe a shift light up top (need suggestions here) and wondering what will "fit" together since the shields look pretty tight up against...
  20. Redbone

    Fuel Gauge Sensor Mount/ Sealing

    I have a fuel gauge sensor installed into my 5 gal tank and one of the screws that hold it down is stripped. It is screwed through top of the tank which is not very thick. Should I install nutserts (for all the screws) or will that cause a gap? I could make up a thick gasket to help seal that...