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  1. T

    Heated Handgrips?

    I've tried searching all over this forum and online, and I can't seem to find any heated handgrips that work with the Vmax. I could modify the oxford cruiser grips to work, but I'd rather just get something that fits. Is it even possible? There has to be someone out there that's done it
  2. vmax2extreme

    Tourmaster Synergy Textile Heated Gloves

    PERFECT FOR WINTER: Up for sale is one gently used pair of Tourmaster Synergy Textile Heated Gloves size SMALL. All in working order in excellent condition. $95 shipped See below craigslist posting for pictures: https://frederick.craigslist.org/mpo/d/tourmaster-synergy-textile/6371570098.html
  3. lastwhiteman

    heated gloves/liners

    Anybody have decent results with heated gloves or heated liners? Any gloves I've tried with separate batteries usually are ineffective after about 15 minutes. I would like to hear what you hearty winter riders are comfortable with. Getting old now and pain doesn't feel so good anymore.
  4. O

    Heated grips

    any winter riders using heated grips and if so what specifically?
  5. scuff

    Heated Vest

    Thinking of getting a heated vest, trying to extend my riding season. Any suggestions?
  6. C

    Venture heated clothing

    Anyone use it? My wife got me the higher end gloves for Xmas. I am looking at the jacket liner and possibly the pants as well. I like the way it all integrates together. My only problem is my wife got large size and according to the measurement it looks like I need xl size. I usually...
  7. nstyn8

    Heated Grips

    Does anyone run heated grips on their max? I am needing some new grips and figured since I want all black I might as well try the heated ones. I saw 2 different ones on ebay that look like they would be ok. The first one is more expensive but looks a little nicer LINK The second is a little...
  8. Lew L

    Heated grips

    Where is the proper place to hook up an electrical accessory like heated grips on the Max???? Lew