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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. R

    Failed idle mixture screw?

    Hello. I am new at this forum and I am from Norway driving a 2002 Vmax PC. I have a small problems and I can´t get any further adjusting the carbs before problem is solved. 3 of the idle mixture screws seem to function as designed. As I turn them in one at a time the idle get bad. So I turn...
  3. K

    Problem with low idle speed

    Can someone give me any hints, from where should I start, if motor running at speed ~1000-1500 rpm and making those strange puffing hedgehog noises (from 0:15)? Those hickups are coming from somewhere above the motor, below airfilter box.. Is there problem with carburetor seals between carb...
  4. vmax2extreme

    High Idle

    Hello fellow maxers, I've combed through the postings here and havent found anything to address my high idle issue. I recently swapped out my old stock upper throttle cables for the Motion Pro stainless steel upper lines. My bike is sync'd and the idle stays up around 1200 - 1400 rpm. The...
  5. N

    Rattle noise on idle

    Hi guys, when bike is cold or bit warm I can hear rattling noise on idle when clutch lever is not pulled in. When I pull clutch lever, noise goes off. Changed oil just to be sure but noise is still there. It happens on Vmax 1200 1996. Any reason to be concerned?
  6. L

    Need help on cleaning idle jets

    Hoping some of you guy,s can tell me how to remove carbs as I need to un block idle jets. Bike running fine untill warmed up then keeps cutting out when I slow down I think my jets are blocked after sitting up over winter period. Any help would be really great. Regards Lee
  7. V

    Strange high idling. please help.

    Hi everyone. Im new here and i already love the information thats here. I bought a 1988 vmax a month ago with 79k kilometers on it. Since then ive done an oil change, coolant flush, water pump seal replacement and drain cock o-ring replacement (leaking), replaced the push throttle cable (snapped...
  8. F

    Low speed / idle engine miss

    Need some good advice. And I KNOW this is the place to get it. Very knowledgeable and helpful folks here! '89 V-Max (my 3rd one), 24K miles, all stock as far as I can tell. Had been sitting a year w/o starting, and only 250 miles in last 3 years. New battery. Drained fuel tank and carbs...
  9. K

    Idle Adjustment

    Ok, I am new to the Vmax scene. I have recently bought my first and loving it. I have noticed that the bike seems to idle a little slow. So slow, it will sometimes stall, when stationary in traffic if you don't keep the rev's up. I have tried increasing the idle speed using the adjuster and it...
  10. N

    COPS (Coli on Plug) in Australia

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Australia offers the COPS setup for Gen1 Vmax? My 88 max has been playing up lately... the usual kicking, bucking, surging etc.. Did the shotgun and rode it 2 weeks ago, it was running the best it ever has - so much so that at approx. 125km/h decided to...
  11. A

    idle not steady when warmed up

    So she is running again after replacing rusted fuel tank and cleaning carb jet blocks. Idles fine except when warmed up then it isn't as steady. Synched as well. AF mixture is front carbs 5ish rears 3.5 ish based on a post by previous owner (Garrett). As luck would have it he posted they were...
  12. J

    Idle adjustment

    Hello, I've got a 2006 vmax and was wondering at what rpm is it supposed to be idling at? Where and how do you adjust the idle? Please let me know. Thanks, James. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  13. carrizog60

    idle sound

    hello bike had some issues holding idle,because ignition coils had seen better days... installed COPS and sync the carbs and all was well: no more misfires,starts easier and a very nice idle sound,like a diesel lope or a aggressive cammed engine,with the tach needle showing just that with a...
  14. mundmc

    Newby questions, poor idle, pops, won't run without choke

    Hey brain trust, Same symptoms I've seen MANY times on the boards: can't idle below 1500 rpm without stalling, abrupt loss of power, left sided pops and less engine noise. I refuse to go back to the dealership and lose $500 and three weeks of summer riding. I swapped out the plugs on...
  15. G

    Fuel from needle jet at idle? WTH????

    Alright, I'm baffled. This is on a Venture with a Vmax Engine in it (at least from the cylinder block up it is). It's running pig rich at idle and low rpms. Will run a couple days and then cabon fouls the plugs. I tried to adjust the idle fuel screws and discovered that they had no effect if...
  16. VMAX1260

    knocking on idle

    hello experts, need an advice cuase i going to get nuts. the last week i hear a knocking when my engine becomes little warm on i idle, it is definetely not the fcr rattle. when i engage a gear a letting the clutch lever the knocking goes away, when i ride and open the throttle all sounds...
  17. SledHead

    Idle screw adjustment

    I cleaned my idle circuits on my stock 2001 vmax following the method. While I was at it, I replaced all four idle needle valves. My question is, when I turn the idle screw out, does it richen, or lean out the mixture? What is a good baseline number of...
  18. D

    Trouble with idle

    Hello all, again Having an issue with my Gen 1. Just pulled it from storage two months ago, ran fine until yesterday. While stopped at a light, shut off on me. Cranked it up, shut back off. Put the choke on, cranked up and stayed on around 3000 rpm. Soon as I turned the choke off, shut...
  19. rebeltaz83

    Cam tapping sound at idle

    Yeah, another thread on engine sound:bang head: noticed a very noticeable tapping sound from the right front cylinder can't tell if it's the the intake cam or the exhaust cam making it. Sounds like a lifter tap. If any expiernced mechanics know what I'm talking about. It's a 97 max with 18,000...
  20. K

    Idle Issues?

    A few days ago I was driving home on my vmax and I pulled in the clutch to coast and noticed the motor had completely cut off. I did this a few times noticing that the rpm wouldnt even stop at idle and would just completely turn off and not even hang at idle. When I got home I fiddled with the...