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  1. ShadyTunerGTS

    PC III or PC V w/ quick shifter

    Was wondering if anybody hooked up a quick shifter and what they have used (which sensor, which power commander, etc.) and what kind of settings need to be adjusted on the power commander. I'm going to be getting exhaust and Tim Nash Gurued ECU flash first, then want to get a quick shifter...
  2. Foxviewnet

    Triumph Rocket III

    Hey guys, I have had my eye on the Triumph Rocket III for a possible stable mate for my Vmax. Anyone have one or have any personal knowledge on the bike? My wife would like something with a little more comfort on longer trips and I don't want to give up the performance of the Vmax. Also better...
  3. Falaholic

    Anyone make the Mini III (or similar) in Polycarbonate/Lexan?

    Looking for a replacement windshield and would like to go with polycarbonate. Wanted to ask the hive if there is a Mini III in polycarbonate, or another similar style windshield.
  4. CrackerRican

    FEMA preparing for major event in region III

    Anybody heard or know anything about this. My ex brother-inlaw works for Homeland Security & told me to stock up on water & food. Any thoughts on this. Here's a link I found http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/fema-preparing-major-event-region-iii/
  5. C

    mounting mini III

    Hello all. Can someone point me towards how to mount the mini III? Thought I could figure it out...I was wrong.
  6. Rusty McNeil

    The Boys of Bonneville- Mormon Meteor III

    The Boys of Bonneville Mormon Meteor III Has anyone else seen this? I just watched it on Netflix. It's about land speed and endurance racer Ab Jenkins and his Curtis Aircraft V12 powered '36 Duesenburg Hands down the best motorsports documentary I've ever seen, and very moving towards...
  7. a113ycat

    Gen iii ????

    I was trolling a site and found this as a concept bike It was found on this site http://bikerscafeblog.com/2010/09/21/yamaha-vmax-concept-render-vacuita/
  8. gamorg02

    price for Mini III windshield (just plastic)

    price for Mini III windshield?? Hey guys, how much are the mini - III windshield plastics and cylinder mounts worth? basically everything but the actual bars that clamp on the triple and the longer bolts that go into the triple. Also for that matter does anyone need the it? If so let me know...
  9. AEmedic

    Mini III wind screen install problems

    Has any one had issues with the mount kit for the Mini III? The standoffs will not fit on the up-right bar on one side. My guess is that the up-right bar is out of round or a little larger than the hole in the standoff... I got this months ago off the internet, it was new but I bet returning...
  10. Shuriken

    Perplexing Problem - Part III

    This thread is a continuation of the following threads, part I and II.... http://www.vmaxforum.net/search.php?searchid=83806 .... Bought an inductive light today - as an upgrade to my existing one - that has an RPM meter built in. Warmed the bike up to operating temp, then clamped pickup...
  11. firefly

    The ugly rocket III Vs the beautiful Max

    An old article but worth reading. http://www.cyclesolutions.net/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=101 enjoy:bicycle: :nyah nyah: :argue000: ________ smoke kills