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  1. Conman

    ‘09 Sitting Since ‘12- Issues and Fair Price?

    I’m checking out a 2009 Vmax with 1500mi that’s supposedly in showroom condition and has been sitting in a temp controlled garage since 2012. Owner seems competent (lots of toys) and says they changed oil and brake fluid and bring it to operating temp every so often. I’ll be taking it for a...

    Tapa Talk Issues

    I've been experiencing some issues with TT lately. 1. Photos: Sometimes randomly work. Someone will post a few photos and I can see them fine on my desktop but see nothing on TT. 2. Posts: I typically view posts under the TIMELINE tab. Recently it shows "No Results"
  3. Osiris

    Air fuel mixture screw issues.

    I ordered replacement screw due to a stripped screw right rear carb. The carb was a bit rich and I could not adjust screw. When taking the old screw out it was very very tight. I see why it was stripped in the 1st place. When I look inside the carb I see no obstruction, but the the screw will...
  4. vmax1998

    Vmax clutch issues 1st gen

    Anybody in the Phoenix AZ area good with the hydraulic clutch on the vmax? I’ve done every possible thing I can imagine to this damn clutch and it still will not bleed fluid out. I’m done messing with it. I’ve spent too much money and time on it so I need an expert to figure it out. I originally...
  5. K

    Fuel issues

    Ok, still trying to sort out the carb or fuel pump issue. When I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump clicks and primes and fills the fuel bowl in the carb. Bike starts and runs well until the fuel bowl is empty. The fuel pump does not send fuel to carb while motor is running. After bike dies...
  6. G

    Starting issues

    Jeeze. Last september, the bike died right outside of the shed I store it in.. and wouldnt start. I knew the battery was a few years old, and rough.. so I just pushed it into the shed. Well I just replaced the battery, and it won't even crank. I actually don't even hear the fuel pump kick...
  7. Jhbox13

    General starting issues

    Hey all. Just got done replacing the pickupcoils for my '85, which thankfully breathed new life into my #2 cylinder. I took the carbs off and found them to be a bit fouled, no more than I would expect from a bike thats been sitting up a few years though. I ran through the carbs and have fuel...
  8. Jhbox13

    Pick up coil issues

    Greetings all. I'm new to the V-Max land but have a decent history with other bikes. Just got a. '85 VMX12, and am having a bit of an issue. The bike took 24 hours of Marvels Mystery Oil to free up the pistons, no big deal. Turns over well but looks like I am missing fire on the #2 (front...
  9. Lotsokids

    450-Mile Ride Today + Possible Fuel Pump Issues

    I synced my carbs and installed new rear brake pads this morning, and headed south 200 miles to Dallas, TX - just for fun. Perfect weather! BUT... on the way back, after about 70 miles, I felt the engine lose a couple cylinders, followed by the rest. I coasted to the side of the road (in the...
  10. vmax2extreme

    Bluetooth headset electrical issues?

    This past summer I've purchased a Sena 20S bluetooth module for my helmet. All works as expected except for the built in FM Tuner. When the vmax is turned off, all works crisp and clear as it should, but as soon as you turn the vmax to ACC on, all goes static on every station? I've...
  11. A

    Reviving the 88. Throttle response issues.

    So to start this bike has been sitting for awhile. The tank was full of rust and sediment. I removed the tank and got every last bit out using a combination of muriatic acid and electrolysis. Looks brand new now. I replaced the fuel lines and drain the fuel bowls and flushed with seafoam...
  12. K

    Brake master cylinder issues

    Last week, I changed to sumitomo 6 pot calipers and all was good. Today, I went ahead and swapped out oe brake lines to galfer lines, the 2 separate cables. I can't get any fluid to the master cylinder using the reverse bleed method. It feels like the banjo bolt at the master cylinder is...
  13. B

    Issues with 98 vmax

    I bought a 98 v max with 3,700 miles on it. Typical issues, former owner left gas in it for over 4 years. I tore down the carbs and cleaned them and then put the new parts in out of the k and l build kit. I did not replace the vacuum diaphragms as they looked good. I took the gas tank out and...
  14. D

    Help with '85 carb issues?

    Hi All - Trying to get my '85 Vmax running after 4 years off the road. I had the carbs rebuilt. Gas tank has been removed and POR-15 treated. New gas filter. Fuel pump disassembled and cleaned. Pump spins up with no problem. At first bike would start but needed to have choke on to stay running...
  15. O

    Ignition issues

    So starting yesterday i have been having ignition issues. When cold and charges the bike will start up, and will run for about 5 minutes, and then die. While running the bike is at 13.2, and when revved up it drops to 13.0 and holds until i left off. After dying the battery is down to 12.4. I...
  16. K

    Overheating issues

    When ever I ride over 90mph for over half an hour or so, the bike will overheat and coolant will boil over. I run a supercharger so not sure if that is adding a lot of heat. But had the same prob before as well. Outside temp is usually in the 90s. Runs well other than the over heating issues...
  17. V

    Headlight and turning signal issues

    Hello, I have a '94 Vmax and for some reason my headlight goes on and off as well as my right front turn signal stays on solid constantly when the bike is running. However when I use the turn signal it blinks along with the other three signals like it should but then goes back to a solid light...
  18. V

    Re-intro to group,ergonomic issues gen2

    Hi guys,I just purchased an 09 Vmax yesterday,being shipped,to arrive Tuesday.I had my 98 10yrs,loved it. Due to a birth defect both feet are toed out. Also large(14's).Because of that I will have to modify or change out the shifter and brake pedals.. also,because of a bad back I will need some...
  19. T

    Clutch issues

    Hey all trying to get the max back up and going right after it being stored for some time. My clutch is still slipping after a clutch rebuild.. all plates were replaced. Still slips in the upper gears so I redid the master cylinder and slave cylinder and it's better but not like my other maxes...
  20. frank5079

    Cooling fan issues

    Rode today in stop and go traffic and the temp gauge was almost on the red and my cooling fan didn't come on. Where can I find the temperature switch for the fan? The other thing I'd like to do is run a manual on/off switch so I can at least turn the fan on....