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  1. Kronx

    Kinda Proud

    I could be fairly accused of waiting way too long to take my daughter to the gun range. But I had to make sure she was ready. And let me tell ya -- she's a natural. At least I think so. Her first time ever even holding a pistol. I took the time to show her grip and trigger control. I threw up on...
  2. Fire-medic

    Street 'car' claims 1/4-mile record, it's an S-10 (kinda)

    Don't face-off against this guy in his S-10! "We shut it off at the eighth, and it went 6.99!" Watch what it does when they make a full run. 565 & two 88 mm turbos! 2800 lbs. He drives it on the street...
  3. Gargoyle

    I'm kinda gonna miss winter….

    If ya know what I mean...
  4. you2low

    This kinda cool to look at

    was looking for something else and came across this kinda neat to look at. Have both the Gen1 and the gen2 on the list:worthy:
  5. M

    Million jobs project - kinda political, kinda not

    Don't know just how accurate the numbers are, but makes a lot of sense to me anyway. I know, a little ironic to be posting this in a forum dedicated to a Yamaha product, but it's not like a boycott or anything.
  6. T

    kinda bored with Vmax already

    haven't had a street bike in a long long time , also went over 10 yrs without a motorcycle at all past 2 yrs been riding a honda xr650r--in the dirt only now about a month and 1/2 ago i got a 95 Vmax with full ufo exhaust K&N filter and modded airbox and Vboost switch Vmax is fast thats for...
  7. mattness

    vmax front brakes kinda weak??

    ive never ridden another vmax to compare it, but it seems like my front brakes really suck... the rear is honestly more powerful... is there something i can check to see maybe what could be causing this?
  8. B

    Anyone know what kinda grips these are...

    I like how these grips and bar ends go together, but I havent found any grips like these....