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  1. T

    Wheel widening by Custom Metal Spinning now that Kosman isn't doing it any more.

    Back in October or November, I called Kosman about widening the front wheel on my 1st gen. I was told that Kosman didn't do it any more and was referred to a guy named Charlie Sullivan. He was kind of hard to get ahold of but I finally spoke to him in early January and he referred me to a guy...
  2. retrostude

    Kosman done?

    I just wrapped up my rear wheel weldup with Sandy Kosman. I considered aftermarket wheels but the throwback gearhead in me says a weldup is cool. And bang for the buck too. After exchanging info and telling me he would ship it in the morning, he told me I had the distinction of being his...
  3. N

    Beautiful Work by Sandy Kosman

    Got my wheel back from Sandy Kosman who modified it to accept a radial. The welds are "flawless", according to Norm at Rochester Motorsports. Norm is mounting Michelin Pilot Road 4's with a 180/55/17 on the rear. He thinks that a 190 MIGHT fit but based on his measurements of the wheel and...
  4. BGPKR

    Kosman wheel help...

    I'll be sending my rear wheel into Kosman soon and was looking for some input from those that have went through the order process. I'm needing some size recommendations. I know I want to do 17", not sure how an 18" would look. Also what would my width options be while retaining a stock swing...
  5. N

    Kosman Rear Wheel Modification questions

    Hey All, I am filling out the form for Sandy to modify the rear wheel on my 2001 VMAX. Please help with the following questions that I need answered to complete the form: 1) Square or round lip? 2) New width? I'm not looking for some huge tire, just an 18". 3) Off center...
  6. G

    Considering Kosman 18" Rear, 19" Front

    I'm considering going through Kosman to have my rear converted to 18x5.5 and the front to 19x3 and likely running 180/55r18 and 120/70r19 tires. I'm mainly looking for the best handling option for radials while not breaking the bank. Also, I've heard that some people have run the 180...
  7. R

    Kosman Rear Wheel

    Hello everyone, I was looking at switching out my stock 15" rear for a Kosman 17". Any thoughts? Thanks, Rob
  8. tmosel


    So I sent off my rear wheel several weeks back to Kosman's here in California to be modified to 17 inches. I was called about 10 days ago stating that they no longer do the bolt-together conversion but instead weld it up. They asked me if I wanted to machine off the weld bead, but being that I...
  9. L

    What size for Rear 180 X 17. using Kosman vmax converstion

    I have order a converted rear wheel from Kosman (180 X 17"). Was wondering on what size aspect ratio to run? 180/55/17? 180/60/17? Also what manufacture should i go with? Looking for medium ride life with good handling.
  10. maleko89

    Ebay: Kosman wheels

  11. firefly

    I have kosman 17 inch front & rear comments

    I have kosman 17 inch front & rear comments For the money they are great yes the bolts look ugly if you let it get to you but as for performance its a great deal.I used a 180/55x17 rear without notching the swing arm I had to file down 1/8 inch off the tire to make it fit so my next tire...