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  1. N

    SERVICE......and the lack thereof......

    I've spent the last six months trying to make some modifications to my 2001......... I'll refrain from mentioning the specifics to protect the guilty, but I find it interesting that in what is really a service business, the word "service" seems to take on little importance to those providing...
  2. U

    lack of fuel? K&n filters

    Lack of fuel? I ordered and install the k&n filters (four coins for a vmax without the air box) – and ride it to a long trip so the engine was worm and everything….. In idle RPM everything sound good, but when I ride it in the range of 4000 rpm I felt that the engine choking and not working...
  3. JrBiem

    Curse My Lack of Luck

    So the weather finally broke here in ole WI. I was all psyched to ride, but when I fired up Mr. Max and let him warm up the low fuel light was on. "WTF", I parked it with a full tank of gas. So I filled it up, thinking that maybe perhaps a friend of my mom's came and took it for a cruise (I...
  4. Jdk203

    Air scoop insert dwg...for lack of a better description

    Does anyone have a Cad file or Drawing...hell even a sketch of the inserts for the air scoops. Im just looking to save a little time here. Guess I could just trace them and get a pretty close templet but just wanted to ask. I have plans for them and dont wanna hack up the stock ones if I can...
  5. maleko89

    Lack of idle in 1 carb

    I'm having idle problems with my #3 carb. I get a random idle if I completely open the mixture screw. Everywhere else, no idle. Every other circuit is fine though. I can accelerate fine everywhere's just steady cruise or small throttle below 4000 rpms. Before, I had the screw set...