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  1. ColoNat

    Lots o tuning, with a Q

    New Moose racing plugs, appropriate match to dpr8s, new COPs, thanks blaxmax! and then synched with the new digisync... Q is why no reaction from cyl 3 when vacuum cap is removed? All others caused the bike to falter and drop rpm. Is it a clogged idle circuit, general over rich condition, or...
  2. 6

    lots of parts for 1985 vmax

    have 2 1985 vmax parts bikes let me know what you need 540 494 5979 joe
  3. 1st Shirt Maxer

    New Build, Lots of Mods

    Starting this cold wintery day in Oklahoma, I started tearing the bike down for a 1 off custom build that will include memories from my now 22 years in the Air Force. Here is the starting pictures and I will upload new ones as I complete different segments.
  4. C

    Nice 07 Vmax lots of mods for $7500

  5. CaptainKyle

    Lots of riding

    Even fellow motorcyclists think Phil Steiner’s long trips on his Honda Goldwing are extreme. You’re bound to think that of someone who’s logged more than 1 million miles in 52 years. “A lot of guys say, ‘You’re nuts,’” Steiner said. “I don’t know about that. They’ll say, ‘You don’t see...
  6. M

    MVRK's Build Thread - Lots of DIY's inside

    Well this is not my first rodeo when it comes to modified cars/bikes. I like to do lots of mods, and I love to document stuff. So naturally I produce a lot of DIY's. There is a lot of excellent information on this site, but some of it is somewhat spread out, and some of the pictures suck. So...
  7. 0

    Lots of issues

    01 Vmax, Supertrap with no caps, some sort of jet kit, individual air filters. Last weekend I opened up my air scoops (with dremel) and moved all of my electrical stuff from the one side to under the faux tank (Stock box removed, individual filters). All of my connections are still good. When...
  8. SpecOps13

    Lots of Mods Going on, Any Thoughts

    Mods Going on, Misadventures of Me Continues I tried putting this in as an extension to another post I had about the Marks Exhaust but I guess that's run it's course. No one answered there so here's what's happening. I waited till our vacation was over to tear into this project. It's Saturday...
  9. bagherra

    Lots of Carbon Fiber

    Check this out: http://www.tygausa.com/35-v-max-1985-2007 Carbon fiber your Vmax! :) I'm getting the scoops and side panels. I'll let you guys know how they turn out.
  10. 1

    Rough idle, hard start, lots of popping

    Bike: 1992 PCW 1327cc chain drive with about 1000 miles on the motor So I just got my bike back from my mechanic. He took the carbs off and cleaned them, replaced the plugs and tuned and synced the carbs. The bike ran well at his shop when I picked it up, I brought it home, put all the...
  11. 9

    1993 Vmax, Lots of extras, Watertown, NY $3500 -SOLD-

    1993 Vmax
  12. M

    85 VMAX Exhaust Pieces Lots, ETC, some ceramic coated

    Just let me know what pieces you need. All in good shape.512.554.3262 Adrian
  13. V

    Lots of Vmax questions

    Hello, New member here. I have a bunch of questions that only vmax riders can answer :) I got a good deal on a used 98 max and I plan on using it in a touring bike role. What do you suggest I add to the max to make it more touring friendly. I have a few things I know I have to get, I just...