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Mar 25, 2012
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sioux falls
01 Vmax, Supertrap with no caps, some sort of jet kit, individual air filters.

Last weekend I opened up my air scoops (with dremel) and moved all of my electrical stuff from the one side to under the faux tank (Stock box removed, individual filters). All of my connections are still good. When taking it to work this morning it developed several problems.

1. V-Boost doesnt seem to work anymore. The previous owner did the mod with a toggle to select between 3k, 6k and off. I changed it from one to another (Is this ok to do while riding?) but couldnt feel the v-boost kick in at all.

2. I have developed a low RPM stumble. Basically anything under 3k is stumbling. This is worse from a stop in 1st gear.

3. When at cruising speed, if i give it throttle it stumbles for a second.

4. The carbs seem to be out of sync now. When cruising, at times it seems like there is a miss and it just doesnt seem to run right.

I am planning on testing the v-boost and syncing the carbs but why would all of this happen at once? Before these issues, if i had v-boost set to stock it would stumble a bit at cruising speeds when accelerating.
lets go back to what you did with the scoops, dremel and electrical. can you explain that a bit better? pics perhaps?
I opened them up. On the electrical side there was a plastic cap on the front of the scoop that would not allow air in. I simply opened that up. On the other side it was already "slotted" so air could get by but I opened it up all of the way. The main reason for this was LED installation. This shouldnt have any affect on anything.
It was OK before. Like I said, the only issue before the moving of electrical was a stumble while cruising upon acceleration with boost turned to 6k.
I would suggest moving all the prevously moved electrical " stuff " back. In that move you may stumble onto the problem , loose or broken wire etc., and if not , it should go back to working.

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