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  1. J

    honda magna vs vmax review

    I owned a 1998 Honda magna 750-4v this fall . Was looking for a max, but couldn't find one . I now have a 1998 V max. Here is my review & opinions of both bikes. Magna- year 1998. v4 750cc. 87HP @9000rpm. fuel capacity 3.4gal. weight 504lbs. The bike sits a bit lower and doesn't seem to be as...
  2. Falaholic

    What can y'all tell me about the V65 Magna

    Wanted to see what you guys have to say about the V65. What year(s) are the best. Power, handling, performance, maintenance, mods, etc?
  3. T

    88 Super Magna for sale

    Not my bike or anyone that I know but thought I would post this here for anyone interested. Having owned a super magna myself I can attest to the fact these are fun bikes. This is the rare 88 model. Unfortunately the owner did some customization to it that you will likely want to undo and...
  4. adambweird

    Honda Magna

    So I get to work today and as soon as I walk in a kid on day shift comes over to me and says he wants to race for pinks. I asked what he had and hes running a V45 Magna! I told him I'd do it but not for pinks, he spent too much time restoring it and I didnt want to take his bike, lol.
  5. C

    86 Honda Magna 1200 obo This would be a sweet ride for someone to tinker with. Todd
  6. Mitchell

    1987 Honda Super Magna -$4,500

    Tastefully Customized. One A Kind. Fully Restored. Chromed Out & Too much to list! Located in Joplin, Missouri. Pics are in my profile page. If interested please email me at [email protected] . Thanks, Clay Mitchell
  7. tothemax93

    86 V65 Magna

    Not mine. No pics, but I contacted the guy for pics and info. If its clean, $2000 seems good. Plus it says "or best offer"
  8. S

    My New 88 Super Magna!! (new to me of course!)

    I always wanted one.... Drove to St. louis from Detroit to get it.... it was worth it!!!
  9. thundermax

    1999 Honda Magna? What ya think?
  10. C

    Sold my Super Magna....

    Well I sold my Super Magna today. Glad to see it go to someone that will enjoy it. Now what to do with that money ( on my Max ) ..... exhaust.... carbs..... shocks.... hmm.....? Todd
  11. C

    Rode my Super Magna around the block....

    Was enough for me to appreciate how awesome my Vmax is..... I bought the Super about a month before the Vmax. I had a V65 Magna and was looking for a Vmax. But I couldnt turn down the price on the V65. So I bought it. Worked on it a little and then the Super popped up. So I bought that, rode...
  12. hijacker

    Magna rider turns to VMax to cure speed addiction

    Just a bit to introduce myself, some of you may already recognize my username from the v4musclebike forum. I live in Durand, Michigan about 40 miles east of Lansing. I've had a 3rd Gen Magna for a couple years and have been loving that bike. The 3G Magna and a VMax are both on the top 5...
  13. Firewrench

    Magna Carb specs

    I see some of you guys also have V65 Magnas in the garage. Any chance one of you could post he carb float height specs (1983) for me from a manual you may have? I went to the VF/V65 board but they are not as easy to read and very hard to search on. This board is the shit. Easy to search...
  14. Remeber Me

    Magna Charged Vmax 4-sale.

    Was picking through Craigslist in my area (SF). There are always a lot of vmaxs and I got a heck of a deal on mine ('99 with 8k miles for only $4,500). Anyway, there is a magna charged one there for $10k. Its owner is Mike Talbert, yes "THE" Mike Talbert of racing fame. Here is a link to the...
  15. clintard

    84 Honda Magna V65 Parts For Sale

    Hey guys, I bought an 84 honda magna v65 like 2 years ago to part out. I never have got around to it being busy so its been buried in the garage. My buddy is an ebay power seller so i told him id give him 20% to list it for me since im never home long enough to do it. Anyways, if any of...
  16. markmax

    1984 honda v-65 magna

    Saw this on craigslist. I've seen a few people talk about them so I thought I put this up.