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  1. vmax2extreme

    Free - membership

    Free - VMOA MEMBERSHIP FREE VMOA MEMBERSHIP: As of this past Monday July 29, 2013, the VMOA has chosen to opened up its website for free membership to the Vmax Owners Association. All one needs to do now is to visit and click on the "FREE VMOA MEMBERSHIP" banner. Just...
  2. vmax2extreme

    FREE MEMBERSHIP - Referral Incentive

    ATTENTION ALL VMAX OWNERS WORLDWIDE! The VMOA is announcing a new membership promotion/contest to recruit new or expired VMOA members. If you are a VMOA member and you recruit 4 new or expired members to join or renew their membership, you will received a ?FREE YEAR? membership. This...
  3. T

    NRA Life Membership $300 Promotion

    Well the NRA decided to bring back the life membership promotion, it is currently active and is rumored to remain a promotion through March 21, 2013. I know there are quite a few gun owners and activists on the forum so I thought I would let everyone know in case you had not heard it from your...
  4. motomick76

    VMF Membership

    How does one become a member?
  5. vmax2extreme

    Its LIVE - Tiered Membership!

    Today, the Vmax Owner's Association has started a new TIERED MEMBERSHIP structure as shown below: Basic - VMOA supporter with website access, NO VBOOST access. Premium - Full website access with only online digital VBoost access. Ultimate - Full website access with both online digital and...
  6. vmax2extreme

    New Membership Update Form

    Hello VMOA fellow members, We have updated the website with a new membership update information form that our members can update all of their personal membership information (mailing address, email address, contact numbers, bike info, pic, etc...). Once submitted, it goes to the...
  7. bigrubbers4x4

    renewing my membership ?

    i have been thinking about renewing my vmoa membership. i was wondering if there was a way i could find my old vmoa #. someone told me i could get my old # back, not that it matters but it would be kinda cool.
  8. shawn kloker

    membership over 200!

    We just hit 201 on the member list.everyone should try to spread the word.I want to see 2000 someday.Keep up the good work Buster!