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  1. Conman

    Best Aluminum Strip & Seal Method?

    I’ve got some stock wheels and fork lowers that look terrible everywhere and a backrest that has a growing oxidation patch. Right now my game plan is to get the factory coating off with Aircraft Remover and re-seal them with Sharkhide. I’m not looking improve the polish quality from stock...
  2. Conman

    Grip Removal Method (Without Damaging)?

    Just bought some heated grips and I currently have a brand new set of grips on. I'd like to get them off without doing any damage. The ends are closed and I don't want to hack off the ends to work a flat-head underneath. Any suggestions to make this quick & painless?

    Anyone have any method of removing bolts that have locktight

    I am about to replace the water pump cover that got scratched last spring, rather than stripping a bolt, I thought I would ask before I try if anyone has a method or trick to do before trying to removing the bolts that have been installed with Locktight? Thanks in advance
  4. 1986vmonster

    Best method for installing engine side covers/gaskets

    Hello Fellow VMAX Enthusiasts!! I am pretty much finished installing a 92 engine in my 86 VMAX. Just have to swap out the engine covers to chrome ones I have from the blown engine and I just wanted to see if anyone had any good advice on how to install the gaskets and so forth to do it right...
  5. J

    Valve clearance measuring method

    Thanks to Sean and his shim kit and NaughtyG and his thorough "how-to", I'm doing my valve clearance adjustment this weekend. However, I've been thinking about the method used by NaughtyG to check the valve clearance vs the Service Manual method. Why did the Yamaha engineers come up with such...
  6. P

    Best tank clean method

    Ok guys I know you have diffrent methods, so how do you clean out your tanks?
  7. P

    method to temporary quiet down loud exhausts?

    Hi, Does anybody on this forum have any methods to temporary silence the exhausts while doing work on the vmax? The reason i need to do this is because my neighbors kinda hate my loud exhausts, and i want to be able to sync my carbs without driving out of the hood :P Would something like...
  8. rebar

    Safe method to buy a vehicle states away? Need to cover my ass

    I want to buy a Van in florida. Iv already sent $500 cashiers check and seller removed the craigslist ad. Now I have to travel to drive the Van back home, but when I called my counties treasurer, they recommended I get the title and get plates here in Iowa Before I go. County told me I cant...
  9. S

    What is the method to properly torque ring and head nut.

    I rode a buddys Vmax and I was surprise at just how easy the thing rode. I was tooling around on my bike the other day and decided to check the ring nuts and head nut for correct torque. I noticed that the head nut was loose so I thought maybe ill check the ring nuts too . I tightened the...
  10. E

    Shotgun method question

    Hi folks: I have a question re. LVLHEAD'S shotgun method carb cleaning: He mentions "cleaning the slide diaphragms with WD40"...when he says that, does that mean to wipe them down with WD40-soaked rag, or to just spray them with WD40 I'm concerned that my bike doesn't start because I...
  11. V

    Shotgun Method and Air Pressure questions.

    Thanks in advance. After I receive my CarbTune real soon, I will be also be performing the method in the link below to hopefully cure my Max, but what can I use for the '100+ pounds of air pressure with a good tip' mentioned in the method?? Will a...