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  1. 9SecVmax

    Found Them

    Found them...
  2. 9SecVmax


  3. P


    Off my 05 with 6800 miles. $45 shipped to cont us.
  4. rusty

    My Mirrors

    Free to anybody in the USA: All I need is your address:biglaugh:
  5. timscues

    Mirrors for sale

    Used set of mirrors heavy and we'll made in great condition including the metric adapters $30 plus shipping SOLD.....
  6. D-Max2012

    Need more mirror options

    Anyone using mirror adapters to increase your choice of mirrors out there? I'm looking to replace my long stems (chrome peeling off from road rash), but trying to something that threads onto Yamaha's reverse thread, is a PITA. I see there are adapters that might do the trick. Just...
  7. radley

    Want New Easy Mods, Mirrors, Lights...

    I'm looking for new mirrors to put on my 85 Vmax. Does anyone have recommendations? I have a stock looking Vmax, original purple color, nothing's been done aesthetically outside of some chroming done on side covers (scoops?) and couple other things here and there., What are the covers called...
  8. A

    Bar End Mirrors

    What size are the handlebars on the Gen2? I'm looking to add a set of Rizoma bar end mirrors. Has anyone fit a set of these mirrors to your bike? Does the Gen2 have a threaded or empty bar end? https://www.motovationusa.com/rizoma-reverse-retro-universal-mirror-bs070.html...
  9. P

    Kuryakyn Magnum Mirrors -SOLD-

    Pretty nice mirrors. The ball and socket joint is lockable so it won't jiggle around, which is a handy feature. I'm a fairly big guy and had a hard time seeing over my shoulders when these were on a narrow drag bar, that's my only reason for selling. Chrome could do with a buff, but still in...
  10. N

    Replacement Mirrors

    Where can I find the mirrors seen on this bike?
  11. Shredder

    Stock mirrors -SOLD-

    Set of stock mirrors for sale. Not sure what they are worth or how much shipping will be. Make offer. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  12. rusty

    Giving away Club Mirrors

    I have a set of club mirrors I'm giving away to the first customer/ May be one of you guys can use them. Free shipping for USASOLD:cheers:
  13. Barry barker

    Pro one Billet Mirrors

    These will really add some shine to those master cylinders. Some wear and tear is noticeable but the ball joints are tight. Easily an 8 out of 10 condition. $50.00 delivered to the lower 48. 501-520-8211 [email protected] Just looking for the bottom, it's got to be around here...
  14. Barry barker

    Stock mirrors no posts

    Sold Nuff Said $10.00
  15. Barry barker

    Nice Rear View Mirrors

    Nice set of rear view mirrors that can be mounted to stock posts. One mirror has a small chip which is visible in the photo. The are used but nice. $20.00 delivered in the lower 48. OBO Stock post shown as visual aid only and is not included. Unless you need it, LOL I noticed that these...
  16. dtoebaert-5311

    "slimline" mirrors?

    Hi! Am almost near completion of the transformation of Llamrei into Punisher, last time got some real good advice here when I was looking for a "short tail" for my bike :clapping:, so I`d like to repeat the experience regarding the mirrors! As you can see from the mini-blinkers, I`m trying to...
  17. scuff

    Is this possible with our mirrors ??

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtLHO0Jwezw My left one is loose was thinking of trying this, opinions?
  18. vmax1968

    Rizoma Elisse Mirrors

    I love the Rizoma Elisse I just got. Installation is a breeze and they look awesome :eusa_dance:
  19. N


    Hey All, One thing that I didn't get to last year was the replacement of the mirrors which are basically only good for looking at my shoulders. Any recommendations for the bar end kind?
  20. J

    Bar end mirrors don't fit

    Saw a thread somewhere recently (cannot find it again of course) where bar end mirrors were discussed. Someone had suggested the Yanashiki mirrors, but I just got mine in and they aren't compatible in any way shape or form. The mount does not meet up to the bar end at all and the bolt is far...