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  1. Shredder

    Is it a myth?

    So i was riding with a guy last night that i grew up around. He was actually a friend of my dads. Ran into him when some of they guys i was riding with last night wanted to meet up with friend. He was pretty excited i was riding a vmax. He told me that on a vmax the front amd rear tire are...
  2. D

    Oil level myth

    Hi everyone, I changed oil and oil filter yesterday. In manual they said 3.4 liter if you change oil filter also. But when i checked the oil level window, the oil level was over the upper level. Today i drain the oil about 1 liter then the oil level is between the upper and lower level...
  3. Rusty McNeil

    Good Vmax Myth

    Last night while out in the garage a guy stopped in my driveway trying to sell me those really bad pre packaged steaks. When he saw the Vmax he started telling me about how they were "Outlawed" long time ago, right after introduction........... It was one of those moments where you just...
  4. firefly

    The furber fix myth to cure a wobble

    I did the fix a while back and liked the result but actually what happened is that as the bearing racers set on a new bike re torquing the steering should be done ~ 6 month and every 6 months after that,this eliminates the wobble caused by loose steering head no matter if you did the fix or not...