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  1. Z

    Northern Utah Maxers out there

    Hello all you Utah Maxers, Thought it would be cool to start a group get together of us. Even if its a meet for breakfast or something. Lining up the maxes at snowbasin, or Huntsville at Chris', or Kelly's would be an awesome sight. if interested reply here and we can set up a meet and...
  2. 2

    1986 VMAX (fair condition) in northern Wyoming

    1986 VMAX (fair condition) in northern Wyoming - Lowered price I picked up this 1986 VMAX as part of an estate sale. The woman who sold it said it would run so I replaced the battery and clutch master. I put some fresh gas in it and it fired right up. It didn't come with a speedo/odometer so...
  3. J

    VMax mechanic in Northern Virginia

    Hi... I have A Gen. 1 VMax and I am looking for a good Mechanic/Shop around my area N. Virginia. Any recommendation? Thanks
  4. B

    Looking for a shop to tune my bike (Northern CA)

    I'm not sure where to post this, I figured more eyes would see it here. I'm looking for a shop/ mechanic that can install a stage 7 kit and tune it for me on a dyno preferably. Anyone have any suggestions? Someone with experience on Vmax's would be nice. I live in Sacramento, CA (Citrus...
  5. davidon

    Northern Neck VA

    Heading out to Northern Neck VA on SAT morning. If anyone else wants to ride part way let me know.
  6. N

    Anyone from Northern VA area?

    Just got my 09 Vmax. Anybody up for a ride? Weather is great right now.
  7. 88vmx12

    Northern Idaho

    I was in Northen Idaho over the weekend. I seen a Vmax heading north on highway 95 was that any of you?:ummm:
  8. S

    old school max, northern MN.

    Man it's been GREAT hearing about all of the 85's out there, the weather is just about to break for ridein here, IF THERE ARE ANY MAX'ES NEAR BY!!! PLEASE GIVE A CALL FOR A RIDE!! I need some launching tip's ect....come on up to the arrow head, I'll show you the best roads around the area and...
  9. KJShover

    Northern power sports Great place to buy your new or quality used ride. They have excellent staff and mechanics. They have a knowledgeable sales staff who are riders/racers. Awesome follow-up and a great inventory of parts and machines. The owners, the Hills, are true, good...
  10. R

    Northern CA

    If it ever stops raining there is a small contingent of Vmax owners here in East Contra Costa County who are looking to pool resourses for rides and maintenance meetings. No obligations are required. :ohyeah00: Rick Cendejas [email protected] 925-427-3013