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  1. M

    Thermo switch and Thermo Unit- Troubleshooting

    Hey, I have a 1997 VMX1200JC. This will be the second year I have owned it. It's got about 63,000 miles on it. I noticed two odd things since I've owned this bike regarding the coolant system. 1. Upon startup, the temperature gauge needle does not move as the engine warms up. When the engine...
  2. K

    Overheating issues

    When ever I ride over 90mph for over half an hour or so, the bike will overheat and coolant will boil over. I run a supercharger so not sure if that is adding a lot of heat. But had the same prob before as well. Outside temp is usually in the 90s. Runs well other than the over heating issues...
  3. D


    New to the forum. Just bought a 1989 vmax. When i first started riding it i noticed it would not idle off of choke and would over heat after about 20 minutes. Ive since cleaned out the carbs and now it runs great off choke but still gets very close to the red, hasnt ever been in the red but i...
  4. S


    changed thermostat flushed rad 4 times and hoses rebuilt water pump changed center vent o rings fire it up ten minutes or less heat guage in red I am at a loss as to what to try next.i will remove thermostat to see if it makes a differance.i have tried to look at other threads about overheating...
  5. K


    Howdy folks, I've got an overheating problem I hope you can provide some direction on. 2003 VMax, stock engine and carbs. It's always run fairly close to the red line on the temperature gauge when running it hard. The fan turns on like it should, and has a manual switch I kick on when...
  6. F

    Overheating question.

    Recently got my Max running and took it out for our first test ride. The water temperature went straight up to the red line and stayed there as the fan kicked on. Coolant poured from the overflow tank and coolant steam heated my legs. Got her back home and did a flush then filled with new...
  7. L


    Hi, New max owner here. Just bought an '07 off Ebay. The bike is in great shape. I took it to a local shop for a new back tire, check up and fluids replaced. Today I took it out for a ride. Nothing to long, about 20 miles, and I'm a moderate ride. I was getting onto the highway so of course...
  8. Kenreesesr


    Friend of mine has an 85 V-Max and he installed a switch to manually turn the radiator fan on. He says it tends to overheat, mostly in traffic. The manual fan switch solves the problem. My 2003 has no issues with overheating. Is their a difference in the years of the bikes?
  9. J

    Thermostat change. petcock leak. overheating

    Ok I have read just about all the post on the overheating dilemma. From adding a manual switch to no thermostat. Here is what i did. I did notice the temp would almost reach the red line before the fan kicked on. I went and bought the Yamaha coolant @ $7 a quart x 4. Flushed the system as...
  10. R

    V-Max overheating?

    Is my v-max the norm here or is something wrong. I do a lot of heavy downtown riding, stop and go, in the heat (plus 30s lately) and my temp guage is always on the verge of red zone. I even have a fan over ride switch which I throw on when it really gets up there and basically just keeps it...
  11. R

    Another VMax overheating

    My friend has an '85 that gets really boiling hot when it runs. He has checked the water pump and it works, the radiator is not clogged, the thermostat opens when boiled in a pan of water, and the thermostat fan switch was replaced and it turns the fan on when it gets warm. He can't seem to...
  12. W


    I replaced my R/R on my 92 with the R/R for the 2005/8 model and ran the extra wire to the neg post on the battery. That seemed to fix the volatage issue. However after the bike got warm and the radiotor kicked on the bike stalled and when I tried to start it it didnt want to turn over and the...
  13. SITORR


    I just got my bike a 2000 with 10,000miles on it. I have had the bike all checked out and it's running perfect! i did notice when i'm in stop and go traffic the the temp arrow starts to go up just below the the red mark. the fan will come on and it seems to just sit blow the red mark. is all...
  14. Z

    1999 Model Overheating - Important pre buy question

    Hi there. Test rode a 1999 max yesterday and the bloody thing was heating up like crazy. i live in dubai and the temperature right now is around 90 and goes up to about 120 in the summer. How does a vmax do in the hot? z
  15. firefly

    Thermo switches to solve overheating

    Here are some part # for the thermal switch that turns the fan on a little earlier than stock: 1- BORG-WARNER TFS-545, 2-WELLS-SW537 ,3-Nissan sentra 1988 I am using the Nissan one but it is $65 from the dealer Vs the others I heard are ~$20.00 from any auto store, you can just ask for the...