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  1. GMax97

    Headlight and instrument panel out

    Headlight and instrument panel out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Supercharger

    Custom made Swingarm inner panel?

    Hello Vmax guys. I'm new here and have a questions :ummm: Yamaha offer a wide tire rim (240 tire) but the original Swingarm inner plate must be removed. I don't like the shaft drive is exposed for dirt and water. :damn angry: Have someone manufactured a slim inner panel plate?
  3. T

    85 emblem

    Hi guys Iv an original 85 model that im restoring and i need a right side panel vmax emblem. Is there anyone out there who can help. Vmaxes are rare in ireland so no parts bikes here.
  4. vmax2extreme

    VMAX GEN1 Side Panel Set

    VMAX GEN1 Side Panel Set $85 Shipped CONUS
  5. vmax2extreme

    VMAX GEN1 Radiator Side Panel Set

    VMAX GEN1 Radiator Side Panel Set $80 Shipped CONUS
  6. charlieRobinson

    Side panel screws? If that's what they are called? Please help!

    Hello. Where can I find screws that will fit the 2 side panels? 4 total needed. Thank you!
  7. S

    Left engine side panel?

    This may be a foolish question,but im getting ready to paint next week,id like to remove this to paint it,is it possible,and is there anything i should be aware of b4 i remove it? just looks like a couple of allen heads and wallah:ummm:
  8. atVMAX99

    Replacement Instrument Panel Lenses

    Anybody know of a source for these panel lenses without buying a whole Instrument Assembly from eBay? I tried several Yamaha OEM parts sources and the best I can source there is the bulbs. I Googled many different queries and I can't locate anything.
  9. Shuriken

    V-Max side panel chrome badges - where?

    Where can I get chrome V-Max badges for the side panels?
  10. Robbarrie

    Instrument Panel

    I was wondering why Yamaha had designed the instrument panel with a spot (beside the highbeam light indicator) it looks like it was going to be for a light for something.....was this a design brainfart or what ? Has anybody actually used this for something. Ideas wanted ! When people look at...