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  1. N

    2001 Restored VMAX Huge Price Reduction

    I am reducing my price from $6500 to $5000 (firm) for my restored 2001 VMAX. Please see my listing in the thread below. Am buying into an airplane cluband need the cash! Best offer over $5000 takes it or the first with $5000 cash in hand!
  2. twistedmax

    Holiday price reduction

    Holiday special good through the first of the year:biglaugh:!Any MAXGASSER sold from now untill 1-1-11 will be $449 shipped in the USA. I would also like to let those of you who may not have known that there is a MAXGASSER trial program. If your interested in a MAXGASSER ,but would like to try...
  3. Diablotin

    Pipe size reduction

    Hi, My current muffler is a 20" over racing, I will need to replace the carbon sleeve which already cracked on the mounting point, maybe because it's too heavy. So before replacing the sleeve, I wondered if I should let it that long or not. I wanted to understand what is the impact of...

    Headshake Reduction

    Hello, I have put about 1200 miles on my first VMAX (1996 stock) so far this season. Love the power hate the suspension, especially the front end. Seems ridiculous that Yamaha left the front end this bad for over 20 years but I did own a Motobecane when I was a kid so I know a thing or two...
  5. firefly

    After market handle bars & vibration reduction

    After market handle bars & vibration reduction To drastically reduce handle bar vibration effectively! 1- Get some fine dry sand, place it in a pan in the oven for 30 min to remove all moisture and living organisms. 2- Some after market handle bars come plastic bar ends, remove one of...