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  1. dtoebaert-5311

    should I rename my bike??

    :ummm: I made a new mask for my bike, and now my son insists I should rename it "General Grievous" after the Star Wars character...what do you think?? He does seem to have a point :biglaugh:
  2. Thevmaxrider

    Top 10 from the Rename my Max contest!!

    Here is the top 10 choices for the contest. This poll will close Sunday June 21st with the winner announced that evening. There was a tie for spots in Poll #2 so Jodi broke the tie. Also, she made a suggestion for a name that was added because there is some history behind it. The name is...
  3. Thevmaxrider

    Re-name my bike contest

    All, As it appears that my bike needs a new moniker I am officially starting the "Re-name my bike" contest! This contest will run from today until Sunday June 14th. Please look at the photos of my Max in my gallery, will post up a couple more tonight, and post your name here. Names submitted...
  4. Buster Hymen

    Rename forum?

    Should this forum be renamed to reflect more of a VMax feel? Sure is quiet in here...:whistlin: Anyone following hockey? Leafs, as usual, put in a stellar year, so they are out,:tantrum: