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  1. Barry barker

    Saved the 97's fuel tank

    I was pretty concerned about the fuel tank on my 97 build but was to busy sorting through all the parts to check out the tank. It took some penetrating oil just to get the cap off, not a good sign. The rust had completely filled in the neck, side to side rust. This could be worse than i...
  2. fmcandrew

    I think Sean Morley saved my life today

    Need to give a shout-out to Sean...I was looking to do a break upgrade couple months ago via the forum and Sean chimned in with a suggestion of YZF 6 pots. He said he had a good used set and that they would work "very well" with the rest of my stock braking system. At the time I thought they...
  3. L

    a life saved

    I dont know if this is appropriate for this room, but i would just like to share the importance of a helment. Without it i would not be making this post. I had a accident goin appx 60 mph lockd the front i slid appx 150ft during that time i flipped appx 10 times im told, im rashed up from the...
  4. GREEN light BLITZ

    Saved a tiny life today...

    Nothin too special.Rolled up to the stop light down the street from my house and stopped behind two cars.The light turned green and POOF! A tiny kitten flops to the ground from out from under the car in front of me and begins crying.I did what I felt i should...I assumed it got hit by a...
  5. Redux

    A bike wash saved my life

    Well, maybe. I really don't wash my bike with soap and water too often. Usually I just use some Honda Cleaner and call it good. Today however, I just decided to break out the bucket and hose. As I was rinsing the bike off, I noticed that the top bolt holding the left shock absorber looked wierd...