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  1. Bill Seward

    SH775 Series Regulator source.

    Powersports nation is selling gently used units fot $39.95 with free shipping. Genuine Shindengen regulators. One has been in my '85 all season, and works great. Also go to Ebay, search 'Shindengen Connectors'.you can get the connectors for the regulator for $10.00! This is a no brainer at...
  2. Bill Seward

    SH775 Series voltageregulator update.

    I've been running the series type voltage regulator for 6 or 700 miles now. If you recall, it is a direct plug in replacement for a FH 012 or FH020 MOSFET unit. Rock steady 14.4 volts at all engine speeds. Unit is living under the seat, where the rear coils used to be. Doesn't get hot, you...
  3. rdbul

    Series RR Upgrade

    Shortly after buying my Vmax, I found 2 of the stator windings were shorted and the RR was also cooked, awesome. So I replaced the stator with an Electrosport unit and wired it to a Shindegen SH775 SERIES type RR. The SH775 is a good bit larger than the OEM so I fabbed this bracket and mounted...
  4. old timer

    Red Sox go up 2-0 in World Series...

    Oh , wait...:stir pot::10_6_8: For the know who you are...
  5. K

    Kerker K series header muffler

    This is a Kerker K series 4 into 1 header muffler. 2.5" ID inlet, street series baffle. It is scratched and has a few dents on it that could be massaged out. This would be the perfect can to modify and experiment with for that perfect custom sound then have it straightend and ceramic or...
  6. K

    Kerker K series baffle questions

    Finally getting a chance to check out my new to me 2002 Max a little closer. It has a Kerker Header and K series canister. While inspecting my canister I noticed the baffle was just flopping and rolling around inside the can. I took the end cap off and there is no packing inside, just the...
  7. T

    Tourmaster Flex Series 2

    Hi Guys, My buddy bought the jacket below. He brought it in and I tried it on. Nice jacket. I bought one today. You can't beat it for the price ($96.00) and free shipping too. It's 2 jackets in one and is suitable for year round riding. Watch the video for it...
  8. M

    Progressive rear shocks series 14

    I picked up a Corbin seat and the seller threw in some shocks and extra springs. Progressive 14 Series (13 inch): 14-1283B and black springs 03-1394/B: 75/120. He worked for Yamaha and used to do testing on V-max. Said they'd fit, but I don't see that model of shocks cross-referenced for the...
  9. kaboom

    Fox Shox 1.5 series adjustment??

    A buddy of mine has a Polaris Trail Boss with a Fox 1.5 on it..... Any body know ANYTHING about it?? How do you adjust it??:confused2:
  10. L

    powdercoat kerker k series?

    Can I powdercoat the muffler or is it too hot? Not concerned about pipes, just the can.
  11. rhoke

    2008 cordova world series

    First of all The world series was awesome. Anyhow, 10.85 @ 124 1.7 60ft The bike keeps getting faster and faster Started with 10.96 and ended with the 10.85. Still need to work on the 60 ft and keeping the front end down but looking forward to the slick and bars for OCTOBERFEST (maybe)...
  12. 9

    Two brothers C Series Slip-ons for sale

    i have a polished Aluminum pair od Two brothers C-Series Slip-ons for sal to fit a V-max. like new only rode 500 miles with these exhaust and want to go to a Kerker full exhaust a bit louder:) im looking to trade them or sell for $350.00 there over $500.00 new
  13. 9

    Wanted:Kerker 4-2-1 K - Series Exhaust for VMAx

    Im looking for a deal on a new exhaust or a nice slightly used exhaust for my V-Max Kerker 4into 1 sytem with open competition baffle. the best deal ive located with shipping is $876.00.. anyone see any better buys let me know please.
  14. V

    Progressive 412 Series. Opinions and Help buying

    Thanks in advance! Asking too many questions below! I am thinking about upgrading my shocks but a low budget so the 412 series are in my price range. What are your opinions on these shock compared to the OEM's? Any suggesstions on whether I should stick with stock 13" size or go lower...