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  1. J

    Had a good day yesterday and wanted to share

    First time I have been to this place. I will be back! Funny shit at the 7 minute mark. Badlands off road in Attica, IN 10-30-2016
  2. K

    Im a lurker but I have to share a happy story

    I've been lurking on this site now for about 6 months. I have a 1995 Vmax with only 9000 miles on the clock and it has been a great source of enjoyment for me. Also have an 1100 Vstar. My distance bike. Anyway back to the story. I'm just buzzing. A while back I was in the position to loan...
  3. Johnc1go

    A short vid to share with your Harley friends.

    For sharing with your Harley friends. Noise and HP are not always related, as in the case of Harley Davidson. Hope this gives you a good laugh.
  4. TB99Max

    Had to share this with you guys!

    Crazy looking!
  5. M

    Not about motorcycles, but had to share

    YOU AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. Apparently they only do this in Australia. They don't tour because it costs too much to...
  6. dannymax

    Too good not to share.....

    Saw on the news tonight that some guy, maintenance or something, placed a surviellance camera in the ceiling of the woman's locker room at the RPI swimming pool in Troy, NY. A few days later some chick noticed 'something odd' up in the ceiling, the cops were called, the camera yanked down and...
  7. flatslide

    Share an educated guess??????

    So I'm hoping that I've got some stale fuel, that's giving my MAX fits. A local tech, where I'm a stranger, has told me that I have two bad slides in my Keihin FCR's, and he'll need to re-jet the carbs. Any hunches as to how much time an experienced tech will need to do this job?????? P.S...
  8. slowpoke

    just thought id share

    had a little friend/family cookout over the weekend and while we were there my 4 year old asked if wed let him shoot some cans. keep in mind ive been working with him on gun safety since he could walk. well the boys god father and i looked at each other and said sure... why not! the boys...
  9. S

    anyone have a newenough coupon they want to share?

    I need to get a summer jacket and i can't find my new enough coupon. Thanks, Sid
  10. ghostntheshell

    Thought I'd share my Spring time to-do list!

    Sitting in my garage begging / waiting to be installed : 1.) Install my Progressive 440's 2.) Install my Ricor Intiminators 3.) Install my new 170 ME 880's (front and back) *done!* 4.) Install my Galfer Stainless steel brake lines 5.) Install my Galfer Stainless clutch lines 6.) Install my...
  11. 82ndCowboy

    Share your Fun Ride Ideas!

    Ok guys I'm looking for some input on what would make for a good ride. Randy Bullard asked if I'd help put together a ride for Bike Week in Daytona this year, because I live closer to Daytona than he does and Walt Bishop has stepped down as Southeast Rep. So I would like to know what are some of...