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  1. cyclehoarder

    Couple of shots from Kentucky Kickdown Vintage Show

    Buddy of mine captured a couple of good shots of my bike from the Kentucky Kickdown Vintage bike show this weekend, killer show!! Great time'
  2. P

    Glamor Shots

    There were a lot of weekend hours over the winter, but I basically took half the bike apart and painted both wheels, both fenders, the handle bar clamps, bled the brakes, rebuilt the clutch master, swapped out the gas tank. Installed new superbike bar and Iso grips. Got it back on the road for...
  3. Miles Long

    Get your flu shots, lads

    Or you will wind up like I have been for the last few days - cold and miserable, aching all over, and without energy enough to get my ass off the couch. I'm sick as a dog.
  4. C

    Beach picture.... lets see some of your glamour shots of your bike.

    These are cell phone shots btw.
  5. C

    Speedo shots....

  6. C

    ZX14 with a couple shots a new Vmax at the track
  7. Bill Seward

    Post any old (REAL OLD) shots of yourself!

    I'm a dustfarter, and I'll start. A shot of the guys I started riding with - taken around spring of 1968... Anyone else got nerve to post any?? (I'm the guy on the left in the old (1968) pic, and the guy on the right in the new(2008) one!) If you look carefully, you'll notice the new picture...
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Gratuitous shots of my bike, new wheels, Big Bend Park

    Finally getting around to resizing some of my Vacation pics. Been talking about my wheels so much I figure I'd finally supply some evidence. I'll post more landscape/park pictures as I get them resized. Later, Rusty
  9. Buster Hymen

    Cool shots of Vmaxs at Deals Gap

    There are some good shots of the gang of Vmaxs' that went to ride the Dragon on Here is a good shot of a knee dragging corner!:banana: