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  1. 93max

    Gen 1 bike cover size

    Going down to the OBX next week and like to cover my bike for the trip as it will be on an open trailer. Any info on what size to get and possibly make sure it stays on! LOL! Thanks
  2. R

    another bolt size question

    anyone know the bolt size for the frame mounts where i attach the crash bars (lower connection)? The bottom bolt is missing on left side and can't attach the crash bar. thanks! Todd
  3. K

    what size brake pads?

    I bought these Sumitomo 6 piston calipers off eBay in Japan. The lister only put "YAMAHA YZF750SP SUMITOMO 6POT 100mm Front Caliper Set XJR1200 XJR1300 FZR1000 ss" as the subject and no other description. The company pretty much buys bikes, and resales parts and I doubt I can get further info...
  4. D

    Flywheel bolt size 12m 1.25 ??

    I am replacing my starter clutch ..its off but I did not use the cone on the puller and I messed up the first couple of threads on the crank nose and my bolt wouldn't start to thread. I measures the flywheel bolt threads with a gage and i'm sure it is 12m 1.25 is this correct? Also can I...
  5. S

    Rear banjo size

    Is the rear banjo 10x1.25 or 10x1?
  6. G

    Axle Nut Size

    Went to take off the rear wheel, and realized I didn't have the correct size socket for the axle nut... I'm wondering what the axle nut size is for the rear wheel, its a non-castlenut version on a 1997.

    97 vmax top cover / faux gas tank correct emblem size ??

    My vmax came without tank emblems and i want to order the correct original size 30-40 mm ? 30mm seems too small 40mm is the better of whats offered 30-55 mm.
  8. V

    Font display size

    where would I find the font size settings for viewing on smartphone?
  9. WonkoTheSane

    Ammo size help

    I know there are a good number of knowledgeable gun folks in here, so maybe somebody can help me out. I'm making a leather ammo-holder cuff as a gift for a friend in the US. I know he uses mostly S&W .40 ammo so the loops that retain it need to be sized appropriately. I think I've got it...
  10. Cobbler73

    UFO Exhaust tip size?

    I have UFO with 4 megaphones. It seems a bit loud with the 2 1/2" tips. If I switch to the 1 1/2" tips would it make any difference in jetting or performance? I would imagine the four small tips would outflow the engine anyway. I wonder about the 2 1/2 inch core slamming into the 1 1/2" opening...
  11. child_of_fire

    wrench size for steering adjustment gen1

    Does anyone know what size spanner wrench and box wrench I need to tighten the steering head? Is it a 27mm? And an 10mm spanner?
  12. V-Four

    Bolt Size for Front fender?

    Hey Gang, Another quick (and random) question: Can anyone please tell me the exact bolt size for the bolts that hold the front fender on? (including length). (and the reason-if anyone cares): I am finally putting "spacers" on to lower my front fender due to my smaller front tire...
  13. B

    A/F ratio vs jet size

    Ok, all you guys that put your bikes on a dyno, on average changing one jet size changed you air fuel ratio much? I know its not going to by the same for every motor, pipes and engine mods will effect it, but it should be able to be used as a ball park figure.
  14. carrizog60

    sumitomo 6 pistons size

    hello does anyone has the size of the oil seals and dust seals? or in lack of those the piston size? upgraded the master to a 19mm radial nissin but still more lever travel than i am comfortable with. seems some pistons are getting stuck,already removed the dust seals as they were shot but...

    Tire size for a 2nd Gen Vmax

    I read that 200/50/R-18 for rear tire and for front 120/70/R-18 on a 2nd Gen Vmax is that correct?
  16. M

    VMax 1200 standard headlight size?

    Hi fellow Yamaha owners, Been scouring the net for info on what size the stock headlight is on the old 1200 VMax but I haven't been able to find anything. Reason I'm asking is because I'm thinking about doing a headlight swap on my Yamaha MT-01 and I've found a really sleek and cool...
  17. train460

    screw size?

    anyone happen to know what size OEM is phillip head screws that hold the carb slide on? want to replace with some nice SS hex head bolts, have a big assortment here at work. Michael
  18. D-Max2012

    Tire size and flame tread

    Guys, I see I'm riding my Max, way more that my buddies are riding their other bikes.. I've gotten 2.5 riding seasons out of my tires and its about time to replace, at least the rear tire anyways. The front has about 3mm of tread depth left. The rear is about bald at the center. My friend rear...
  19. V-Four

    Rear fender Hole size question...

    Hey Gang, I'm hoping someone can help me. Does anybody know what the size of the holes in the metal inner fender support thingy is? (see red arrow in pic below) (I'm guessing 5/16"..but hard to tell) :ummm: I'm making my own support for the CBR taillight mod, and I do not currently have the...
  20. W

    What size allen wrench?

    Hi all, What size allen wrench is used to remove allen bolt in bottom of fork legs? Thanks, Wayne