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  1. radley

    Clutch slipping?

    Aside from all the other issues with my Vmax.... here is a copy/pasted correspondence with some peeps form FB post in regards to Vboost,,,, but has to do with my clutch probably.. ---------------------------- Vlad Olson read my mind, got an issue, one of several with my 85. let me ask you...
  2. jdeitz1979


    So I was on an open stitch of road, so I let the beast unleash. I'm not sure what's going on but at 8k in fifth I was at 110mph, numbers not making sense to me. What you guys think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. U

    96 Slipping Clutlch

    My 96 has about 6K miles on it and obviously is not ridden much. The clutch started slipping so I took it in & had new set of clutch disc's installed. For a short time, it was fine but withing 25 miles, it was doing the same thing? The clutch engages at the very top as you let the lever out...
  4. P

    Clutch slipping after big power boost

    Hi. Recently had Morley muscle kit and a full UFO system on my bike and after it come back from the rolling road the clutch is now slipping. I gained 40+bhp so it's obviously struggling to cope now. Would heavy clutch springs solve the problem?
  5. RaWarrior

    6k on new clutch and slipping again

    So last summer my original clutch was slipping worse and worse by the day, at that point the bike had around 25k miles. It was driveable, but any sort of acceleration in 1-2-3 and even 4th would slip and the motor would spin up. Seemed like kind of a short life for a clutch, but replaced it...
  6. Taavinen

    New Max owner. Is my clutch slipping?

    Hey Guys, please bear with me, i am a very new Max owner. I picked up a 1992 full power max in ABSOLUTELY mint condition with only 13700km on the clock. I have been giving her a bit but never taking it over 8500rpm. Here is the thing, when i rev it up to open the Vboost, sometimes it all of a...
  7. dwardtxusa

    second gear slipping

    My max has started slipping in second gear when I get on the gas. If I'm not gunning it no problem. Only second. Any thoughts?
  8. mavgrab302

    new Barnett slipping

    Anyone else ever have a brand new barnett clutch start slipping in 4th and 5th going about 60..? At cruise and hitting the throttle around 60 the clutch begins to slip along with over revving ofcourse until speed/ rpms level out or what ever, WOT at 100 doesn't do it..... Why would barnett make...
  9. B

    My Clutch Is SLIPPING!!!

    I have a 1990 VMax and the clutch is slipping! I'm looking for information on what parts are needed to do a GOOD CLUTCH OVERHAUL. If any body knows the parts needed and possibly the Yamaha Part #'s that would be greatly appreciated!:clapping:
  10. rattheroach

    V Boost or slipping clutch?

    Ive had my max for about 6 months and really love it. I was hoping some of you guys could reassure me about a worry i have. When im in top gear and hit 6000rpm the V boost starts to kick in, but before any noticable increase in speed the revs rise to around 9000rpm for a second then drop to...
  11. firefly

    limited slip differential oil additives for slipping clutch

    We maxers tend to stay away from oil additives fearing that the clutch will slip but products made for limited slip differentials are made to prevent clutch slipping since these kinds of differentials have clutch plates in them. I thought this might be a useful thing to try if clutch slipping is...