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  1. Cryptorchid

    Strong smell of petrol after running.

    I have a stock '99 Carbon with 15k miles. It starts, runs and idles fine, but whenever I park it up there is a strong smell of petrol from around the dummy tank area when I get back. There is no sign of any leaks, but every time I start it up the fuel pump runs for a second even after a...
  2. mundmc

    Electrical burning smell, engine dies

    The good news is I already was half-way over the Brooklyn Bridge, so I didn't have to push the VMax too far, as most of the trek was downhill. Nice 80 degree day, around 50mph at 3000rpm in 3rd, fan override switch on, temp halfway up the gauge. I smell something similar to plastic burning...
  3. E

    Fuel smell from airbox.

    Bike is stock 2006. Started getting a pretty strong fuel smell out of the airbox. Openned it up and everything looks OK. Checked around and no visible leaks. Bike starts/runs great, but people are asking me if it has a fuel leak - you can smell it that strongly. All coming out of the airbox...
  4. C

    Strong gas smell!

    Hey I noticed that when I start the bike and let it idle, I smell gas from the exhaust (stock exhaust). The situation is so bad that if I stand facing the rear of the bike my clothes smell like gasoline! The bike has no problems starting, sometimes on the first or second tries. The...
  5. D

    Gas smell coming out of exhaust?

    Hi guys, need some advice here on what my vmax is doing. I was riding the other day when all of sudden the bike started running rough. I rode home and noticed a strong odor of gas coming out of both exhaust pipes. The carbs were synched and air fuel mixture was correct beforehand and the bike...
  6. J

    Strong Fuel smell

    I've had a rich fuel smell since I got my Max last year. Can't walk behind it when it's warming up or I will smell like heavy exhaust and have to leave my cloths outside so my house doesn't stink. I'm running all stock but when I did my carbs 2 weeks ago, I noticed I had 100's and 170's for my...
  7. Walker

    I smell fuel.

    So I have my new-to-me 98 Vmax with Stage 7 jet kit, K&N filters and Kerker 4 into 1. Runs great but it's rich at idle and my buddy says when I blew by him he smelled fuel. Someone said the rich idle is because of the "constant V-boost". I don't understand how that works. The seller told me the...
  8. G

    Power loss, strong gas smell from exhaust

    Bought a 06 Vmax beginning of this year. Carbs were gummed up bad. Had Joe at Boxenstopp clean and adj carbs (4/1 Kerker pipe). Have not gotten over 30 mpg in town or on road. Is this normal? 2nd issue. After riding the bike for 45 minutes it suddenly started running aweful. Felt like 50%...
  9. M

    Exhaust pop and odd smell

    Well rode the max to work today. Odd smell almost burning rubber coming from it? Not sure, not a strong smell but did not even think it was the bike until I got to work and could smell it again. Havent started it since Friday - does not sound like long but normally gets ridden daily so not...
  10. P

    fuel smell

    every time i turn on ignition, i get a fuel odor. what causes this and what do i do to remedy this. thanks, preacherandy
  11. D

    little bit of gas/exhaust smell

    My air/fuel mixture screws were out 3 1/2 turns each....little bit of gassy smell when in the garage (people were saying they can tell by the smell of my clothes when I have the bike out) I turned them out another 1/2 turn each..... will see if that helps. Anyone else have this problem? I...
  12. Heretic

    Oil burning smell after start up

    When I start the bike after sitting overnight I get a very quick wiff of oil burning after about 30-45 seconds. The plugs look fine and there are no indications of oil burning after that very brief period. I hate to think that it is the valve guides that are letting oil by :bang head: . Is...