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  1. Y700FZX

    Plug not firing

    My left side rear spark plug is not firing on my 1996 V-Max. Changed the plugs Checked the wires (nothing obvious) Checked the coils (also nothing obvious) Started it in the dark and there seems to be a spark that flickers briefly but it is so quick, I can't see where it is at. The spark doesn't...
  2. P

    Cheap CDI box to test

    Hello all, First time poster here, just recently bought a 2000 Vmax with 10,000 miles it is sputtering/popping and shutting off at low throttle I have to turn the key off then back on for it to start, without turning the key off when it shuts off it will crank but just pop and sputter will...
  3. G

    Spark plug boots

    My vmax is spark plug boots are in need of replacing. I have a good set from a 97 zx-10 Anyone know if there would be any issue using something like this or do I need to compare resistance on these other boots Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Osiris

    No Spark

    I replaced the starter clutch and rotor/ flywheel due to some damage. The bike ran fine before I started the swap. Just had grinding starts sometimes. I put it all back together and now I have no Spark to the plugs. Coils are good I have power where it is needed, just no spark. Somthing with...
  5. VmaxVboost

    Spark plug soaked in fuel, stuck slider?

    I have a 2000 Max with 73,000 miles on it, stock carbs, jets, and exhaust. For the last 4 months, it has been running as if one or two cylinders are not firing. At a red light, the idle will switch from perfect to a stutter (like a Harley), then back to perfect, within the same red light...
  6. shawnlee

    spark plugs

    Will car spark plugs work in a 2001 max? If so which ones? Thanks to all
  7. J

    No spark from one coil

    Hey there! Just picked up an '88 Vmax that was inop. No back history, got it cheap from an auction for a project. Anyway, put a new battery in and am trying to get it running. Found really old, nasty gas and have drained the tank and cleaned it out. Will be pulling the carbs and cleaning them...
  8. T

    Question regarding No Spark on Cylinder 4

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue with a no spark condition on cylinder 4 (R/F) and I am wondering if there might be something simple I am overlooking. The bike is a 1988. I suspected bad wires or a bad coil so I swapped a known good coil and wires from Cyl 1 to 4 and the problem...
  9. K

    New Battery? No spark?

    My bike died on me last month and the battery was flat and wouldn't charge. Prior to this it had been running fine. I replaced the Yuasa 12v 16amp battery with BS 12V 18amp, which was of the same dimensions and a perfect fit. Since fitting the new battery I have had a 'no spark' issue and the...
  10. effingidiot

    No spark and no headlight.

    I was trying to get my vmax running today,but there is no spark.When i turned the ignition off i forgot to turn the engine stop switch off first,well i got an almighty back fire.I thought i'd try it again,turned it over and no spark,when i turned the ignition switch off without turning the...
  11. K

    NGK Platinum Spark Plugs?

    I had a plug die on me, so decided to swap them all out. I was intending to replace them will the same NGK DPR8-ea9, but the store was out of stock. Instead the guy recommended an alternative NGK plug which he said was a platinum tip. I can't remember, but I think it was something like DP8-efg...
  12. Barry barker

    Changed the spark plugs in my f150

    I am sure glad plugs these days last a long time. 130,000 miles on this set. The gap was .074 on the old plugs .054 is spec. I have an 06 with the 4.6 liter, while it's not the hardest job i have ever done, it is very involved. Makes working on the Vmax seem easy. I finally bought a neat...
  13. S

    Aaaargh No Spark

    All new ignitech,cops,battery?plugs etc. Power to yellow coil/cops plugs. Guessing pick ups ?
  14. 8

    Spark/no spark

    Hey all, thanks for the add to the group. I have an odd issue with my rear coils. Its an 85 VMX 1200 which I've owned since 1992. They have spark at cranking, but not at idle. If i rev the bike past 2k rpm, they fire but not perfect. Coils test= 3 ohm primary, 16.3 secondary. P/U test=...
  15. mikeinga

    No spark on all cylinders

    2003 stock vmax with only 5300 miles ran perfectly two days ago and went to start this morning and nothing. It cranks over and is getting gas but no spark to all cylinders. I went through the troubleshooting and my pickup coil appears to be shot when I connect the ohm meter to it nothing still...
  16. U

    no spark !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ho ho not another problem!!!!!!!! I can take it anymore!!!! I do turn it up…and it worked great on idle and suddenly dead at once! on the bike I have denso COP and ignitech ignition unit - its a 1985 vmax (twin pickups) 1. I have no spark at any of the coils (I put a new plug...
  17. Jpick77

    Spark Plugs

    Changed my 10 year old plugs today. 4600 miles and they don't look tooooooo bad... Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. sufidancer

    Another no spark after replacing starter clutch thread

    Greetings fellow Maxxers. I decided to start a new thread on this age old problem. I have a 2000 vmax that for the past month has vexed me starting with the carbs acting up and having issues starting and idle. I did the peashooter and cleaned the hell out of it and it did start and...
  19. D

    No ignition spark 1993 vmax

    Hello everyone, im very new to this site and ive owned my 93 vmax for bout 15 yrs or more, its been garaged and barely rode or even started for many years now, I know I should be made to walk the plank!! Last times I did start it, it back fired pretty bad bc of the carb being lil glogged..Smart...
  20. VMAX2006

    Number 2 cylinder spark plug

    Ok.. so after reading many issues on this forum.. the bulk of the issues can be resolved by cleaning the carbs. Now I have cleaned mine thoroughly twice.. every orifice and jet has been cleaned, the float valves were leveled off. I synced my carbs once I put them back on. Now the reason why i...