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  1. terrywilliams

    exhaust popping and no power at low speeds

    Have had no issues with my baby, but it has set up for a couple of months and not rode. I cranked it up yesterday and noted that I had to keep the choke slightly on or it would die. When I revved the throttle it wanted to die, but when I rode it at mid rpms there was no issues. Only when I...
  2. Redbone

    Bandwidth Speeds

    I just upgraded my internet to 5 MB from charter, up from what was supposed to be 3MB service(it was more like 1.5 MB). My cost has dropped from ~$36 to ~$26. I'm getting over 10MB now!! :punk: Now if I could get more than one viable cell phone company that could provide reliable coverage...
  3. zippo6

    Highway Speeds??

    Ok.... I'm not a speed freak, but I'm always aiming to be 'in front of that guy, then that guy, then that guy....' you get the picture. Anywho, is it just me? Am I the only guy who gets out on the highway and every time I look down at the speedo it just keeps creeping up.... I have to make a...
  4. maleko89

    Question about Front Side Bus (FSB) speeds

    I have a duo-core motherboard that supports FSB speeds of 533 mhz, 800 mhz and 1066 mhz. My CPU is rated at 800 mhz. I'm using DDR2-4200 memory which is 533 mhz. My question is does my FSB run at both speeds or must it "dumb" down the CPU to the lowest speed? Also, if I were to get...