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  1. Semi239

    New HD Stater Clutch Installed - Does not freewheel

    Hi all, I installed a new HD starter clutch from our own Sean Morley. I followed the guide produced by 9 Ton Mantis and MaxMighnight(attached). After install when I start the bike, the idler gear will not freewheel and it turns the starter. I pulled the cover back off and confirmed this. When...
  2. Walter Walker

    aftermarket starter solenoids

    bought a used vmax last year, in barely running condition; ended up having to tow it to my house as the throttle cable snapped out of the holders. starter would barely turn, so i replaced the solenoid with a $8 Chinese piece as the oem is like $80. solenoid worked for awhile then started...
  3. ga_max

    Yet Another Starter Clutch Question

    About 1 1/2 years ago I replaced my starter clutch. This was the first major work I've ever done to any motorcycle I've ever owned. With the help of this forum and Yukon Dave's write-up I was able to complete the task anss was happy with the result. I did use red locktite and peened the the...
  4. B

    Starter noise 2000 vmax

    Rode today and every time I started it I heard a clunking sound. If it was a car I would say the starter solenoid was not fully engaging with the flywheel and is going out. Looked around on the forum and it looks like I have to pull the side covers off and inspect the starter clutch. Does it...
  5. J

    Where to get a starter or is it a COPS thing?

    Hi, I have a 85 Max with the 2 brush starter--is the best place to search for a 4 brush on ebay? If so, what keywords would I put in since I know they came on the Venture motorcycle as well? Or does someone have a 4 brush they would part with? I have also heard the COPS conversion helps with...
  6. T

    After replacing the starter clutch

    Can someone please tell me what the torque spec is, for the bolt that holds the flywheel to the crankshaft? Also torque for the 3 starter clutch bolts to the flywheel? Thanks, Brad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Conman

    Good Non-OEM (Cheap) Starter Clutch?

    Well I’m getting that starting noise that signifies the starter clutch is on its way out... Anyone have positive experiences with a cheaper option than OEM? Also, how do these typically fail? Will the bike just not start one day? Or is this doing damage? Thanks, Connor
  8. Osiris

    Starter clutch

    I have remove the rotor/starter clutch assembly. I noticed what looked to be little chunks of epoxy. Not a lot just a couple tiny pieces. Closer inspection I noticed the rotor is where it was coming from. The cover on the edge was slightly damaged previously. I have a rotor/starter clutch...
  9. 95spfldmax

    Starter Question

    My starter motor spins but doesn't engage anything. Is this a problem on the starting motor side? Or do I need to go in to the stator cover and fix something in the starter clutch area? Had the "Bag-O-Rocks" issue a couple of seasons ago and fixed the problem with the loose starter clutch. This...
  10. K

    4 brush starter -SOLD-

    Hindsight 20/20 I would have installed this thing YEARS ago!! Taken off of my '89. Eliminate (nearly) EVERY starting issue! $35 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. A

    Suspected Starter Clutch but maybe that's not the problem.

    So about a little over a month ago I went to start up the 89 and got the box of marbles sound while cranking it over. She fired up and at idle had a small crunch or two as well. Killed it and figured the starter clutch may be bad. The bike has pretty low miles <28k but the starter switch stuck...
  12. redneksoldier

    Fz1 starter clutch

    Anybody have any experience working on one of these? A friends of mine just bought one that had a bad stator, regulator and rotor. Somebody had already worked on it previously and I'm pretty sure that they swapped the two washers in the attached drawing. #3 and #9 are different thickness and OD...
  13. Falaholic

    Is my starter going out?

    Lately, noticed my starter not cranking the engine over. It catches, but nothing. At first I thought that maybe my battery terminals may have gotten loose, but that is not the case. The other day I had to rock the bike back and fourth in 1st to get the engine to turn over and got the starter...
  14. S

    Can you repair starter mptors ?

    Is it possible to put new life in a 4pole by replacing the brushes ? Or is can the windings start to break down ?
  15. S

    Starter relay relocating

    For those with different model regulator over the battery, where did you move the starter relay? Pics would be nice.
  16. A

    Starter removal??

    Does the starter pop right off the back or do you need to open the stator cover?
  17. A

    Looking for a 4 brush starter

    Looking for a used or new 4 brush starter. Trying to trouble shot this hot start problem .
  18. Conman

    WTB 4 Brush Starter

    Looking to upgrade my 88 after being stranded at a few gas stations. Used is fine so long as it works as new. So far as I know the new starter will fit my bike and is the best way to get rid of hot start issues? Already bought a new odyssey battery. Thanks, Connor
  19. ga_max

    Finally Replacing My Starter Clutch - some questions

    After putting it off for a year I finally decided to replace/repair my starter clutch. I've been reading Yukon Dave's post over an over again and ordered all the parts I need and just started this process. I'm at the point where I'm attempting to remove the fly wheel. I borrowed a harmonic...
  20. Falaholic

    Is my starter going out?

    Tried starting the bike today. All I heard was a click. Tried it again, 4-5 times, same engaging sound. Leveled the bike, brought up the kickstand, checked to make sure it was in neutral, even pulled in the clutch. Hit the starter, same deal. Then I put it in gear rocked it back and fourth...