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  1. 912er

    Max starts when key is turned

    I dug back in the archives and found a post about this. The remedy was to replace the starter relay. I did that and all was well for a few long rides. Tonight I went to "Bike night" at a local tav and when I pulled in my oil light went on as soon as I stopped to back in. This is what happens...
  2. Tommyknocker

    2009 starts then dies.

    My 2009 dies if I don't give it a little throttle when I start it after riding it for a while. If I start it with a little throttle and don't let off the throttle for several seconds, then it stays running. And the manual says to have the dealer adjust the idle speed. Is it hard to do?, I...
  3. tmosel

    Starts without pressing the start button

    Firstly, hello all, it's been a long while since I've posted anything on the forum. I've done just about all of the upgrades on the forum to the Max and have been enjoying it for the past 4 years without many problems. Now for my problem... I was riding home from work the other night...
  4. T

    Big V-Max Carbon Sale starts Monday!

    All V-Max carbon in stock and ready to ship! Treat yourself and your V this holiday season! Special sale pricing starts Monday 11/7/11 and ends one week later - 11/13/11!
  5. j2dawson

    Bike only starts with clutch in...

    My bike will only start with the clutch pulled. In neutral (light on), kickstand up, clutch out , it will not start. It will start in any configuration if the clutch is pulled. Shouldn't it start with the clutch out if the bike is in neutral and kick stand up? Thanks, Jim
  6. vmaxguru

    Tuning the Brock's 4 into 1 Starts Next Week!

    After speaking with Steve of Brock's Performance, I am slated to receive the one of the first few Gen II V-Max full exhaust systems next week! I will be tuning an ECU file shortly there after. Tim Nash
  7. CustomMax

    Tried new starter, still Only starts sporadically

    Ok, got the new starter from Sean, put it in and Vroom started right up!!! Yeah!!! Then shut it off and it started a few more times and I mean milliseconds after hitting the start button. Then WTF!!!!!!! it cranks and cranks but wont fire!! What would cause this fucking thing to only start if it...
  8. E

    Bike starts at 6,000 rpm...WHY?

    Hi all: I re-built my carbs to change the main jets from 160s to 155s. After re-installation of the carbs, airbox, etc., the bike starts at 6,000 rpm. This is with the idle adjustment all the way off! Throttle cables are fine, and I verified that indeed, the throttle valves are closed...
  9. RagingMain

    Stator Cover causing hard starts???

    Seriously Here is the issue. Had to replace the stator awhile back. After about 1000 miles or so the bike started having a hard time starting. Sounded like a box of rocks. After inspection of the dowel pins I noticed flat spots... So I replaced the dowel pins, compression springs and caps. Put...
  10. S

    Starts in Nuetral Only

    My 2000 will only start in nuetral if the green lite is on. I am unable to start it in gear with the clutch in or when it is in nuetral but the light is not on. Please offer a fix as it would be a pain in the butt if I stalled in traffic and had to find nuetral, etc. Thanks.