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  1. A

    1st Gen V-Max My 98 1200

  2. PresaCan

    2017 Gen 2 VMAX Stock Exhaust Trade/Sell

    Hi I have a complete stock exhaust off a 2017 with 5000kms (O2s, SAS, Cat, Bolts, etc). It’s boxed bubble wrapped in excellent condition. Looking to trade for ? Want pics message me Thanks
  3. H

    where do you guys find those stock ex tips ?

    Hi everyone Henry from Colorado here. I just go a new to me 11' 1700 . I have seen pics of different stock exhaust tip extensions, but can't seem to find them anywhere on the net. can any of you seasoned vets send me a link or two to some options ? thanks in advance!!

    Stock pipes

    I'm looking for a set of stock mufflers for my 86 Vmax. Mine are lightly scratched so I'm looking for some low mileage take offs?
  5. ImCannibal

    Stock '93 rear wheel

    Bone stock '93 rear wheel, has a half worn tire on it. I don't need it anymore due to selling my max. Whoever wants it, its yours, just pay for the shipping and packaging. Pictures in the attachments.
  6. M

    Black stock exhaust from low miles 98

    Upgraded to a muscle exhaust and have no need for this anymore. Asking $200+shipping for all. Would prefer to not ship. Live by Edwardsville, IL. If you'd pick up, I'd be willing to give a discount. Text Justin 314-312-3142
  7. Bflagstad

    Stock Backrest?

    Where can I get a stock replacement for the backrest on this 2005 VMAX I picked up yesterday? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. D-Max2012

    Stock Center Stand replacement??

    Anyone know of an easy way to replace the stock center stand, without dropping the muffler?? Looks like this bolt and stand-off is stopping the right side bolt from coming out..
  9. jdeitz1979

    Gen 1 stock backrest-grab bar?

    Is there a piece (grab bar) like that can bolt in place of the backrest when you choose not to use that? And.... if so, does anyone have one they want to get rid of? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. S

    Stock exhaust & boulevard flyscreen

  11. G

    Installing stock exhaust

    Have the engine back in, went easier than I thought. Only tough area was getting the driveshaft to line up with the linkage when installing the swing arm. But a little stuck on the exhaust. Have the mufflers loosely hanging and the right rear pipe on and can’t seem to get the rear left to snake...
  12. Conman

    Stock Seat for Sale, Excellent Shape

    I have a seat from a ‘95 in excellent shape. No tears or anything like that. Comes with the plastic tool kit door. $150 shipped Thanks, Connor
  13. T

    stock airbox measurements?

    Anyone have the dimensions for the stock Vmax airbox? IE: length, width height? I'm planning to install one on a Venture and need to get an idea of how far forward I need to shift the venture battery in the frame to clear the airbox. The vmax box is shorter than the venture's, but it also...
  14. 8

    1985 Original Stock VMax for sale $8900

    30542 miles. Reducing price to $3500.00 Complete engine, fluids, oil, carb, tank, brakes, plugs, new battery, new stater, hoses, wiring... everything serviced and by local master mechanic Scotts Motorcycle Service. Runs fabulous. Never wrecked. Has custom red paint, fly screen, progressive front...
  15. J3_Driver

    1985 V-Max Stock Exhaust

    Stock mufflers removed from an '85 with 12,000 miles. These pipes have the end baffle drilled for better sound, but they're still pretty quiet. See pictures for condition. Will ship from Prescott, AZ. Make offer.
  16. K

    Stock "chrome" rear shocks

    $35 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. F

    Stock Header Pipes for 85

    Looking for a pair of stock head pipes for my 85 . Preferably in Canada (shipping) but open to any.
  18. C

    Stock (OEM) grips

    Just checking to see if anyone might have a dusty (but in decent condition) set of the original grips thrown up on the back of the shelf they might want to sell? The price for a new set having to buy the components separately is ridiculous. Thanks, John
  19. Bushwacker

    Automotive Replacement for stock signal lights

    Hey Guy's, So just wondering is there an automotive replacement for front turn signal/running lights on the Gen 1 or do/should I stick with the OEM bulbs? I ask because I don't have a bike shop around here that has parts for a 01 Vmax. Sux...
  20. jims-max

    stock muffler for sale -SOLD-

    factory muffler for sale. no dings, dents, scratches. they are off of a 2005 and only have a few seasons on them before they were taken off. $225. buyer pays shipping ****SOLD****