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  1. rusty

    Vmax Supercharger up:
  2. CaptainKyle

    Gen 1 whipple supercharger setup

    Complete whipple supercharger setup for gen 1 85-2007 Vmax . $ 2300 FIRM It includes everything you need not every part is pictured but it all comes with it nothing else needed. It comes with 2 pulleys 1 for a stock motor produces 6-7 pounds of boost and one for a modified motor produces over 20...
  3. blaxmax

    Vmax supercharger on Ebay
  4. tinman22

    Clutched supercharger

    So blame it on my influenza a riddled brain or maybe just this bottle of NyQuil but has anybody tried to do a clutched supercharger on a vmax? Something like the unit on an mr2 wired into the vboost controller or your ignitech or new dyna3000. Use a Variable speed magnetic clutch...
  5. Conman

    Supercharger Options?

    I've been reading up and from what I can tell Magnacharger is the only option for a supercharger on the gen 1 and they're out of business? Are there any options that I'm missing?
  6. jedi-

    AMR 500 supercharger

    Anyone know much about these? I can get them here quite cheaply and it kinda looks like something that's doable size wise for the max. I'm kinda thinking of doing a setup for a fun project although I don't currently feel like hacking up my bikes. I might let our apprentice's Vmax become the...
  7. F

    supercharger drive

    Hi, can anyone out there tell me if a crank adaption for a blower drive for the 1200 is available anywhere, or, advise me on a suitable modification. cheers
  8. F

    Mercedes supercharger

    hey guys iv been contomplateing a new max project and im thinking of building a supercharger set up of corse with magnacharger being rather difficult to get ahold of has anyone considered a 99-2000 MERCEDES BENZ KOMPRESSOR C230 SLK230 2.3 LITER SUPERCHARGER it seems like it would be a decent...
  9. OzDave

    Hydrostatic supercharger

    Gday all, I'm just kicking an idea around at the moment, and thought I'd see what others thought of it... not going to be building it anytime soon, just jotting down some thoughts. I've got a bit of experience with forced induction, along the lines of turbocharged imports, but have always...
  10. J


    Hi anyone know how to mount the lower drivepulleys on the crankshaft, I am thinking to put an supercharger on my vmax
  11. KJShover

    When a supercharger aint enough.

    You need horsepower, so you add nitrous. Soon you need more, so you add a supercharger, still not enough you add a turbo. Finally you go buck wild and add all three. 440+hp Vmax motor.
  12. mikemax04


    If by any chance you get wiped by a V-Rod, he just might have a little extra installed that doesn't show.
  13. B

    electric supercharger ?

    hello everyone, can a electic fan/blowermotor be used to pressurize the vmax airbox air intake, and in effect supercharge the engine while it provides the electricity for the induction fan? 3to7 lbs. boost ?