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  1. V

    Low Temperature Switches - Examined

    Topic: I have read more than a few posts now about the temperature problems with the VMAX. It was one of the first things that brought me to this forum after purchasing my Mr. Max this year, seeing it for myself, then searching for a solution. On this forum there is a split for those who...
  2. naughtyG

    Parts needed

    I am looking, for my 1986 Max, for the following parts: - the rubber grommets/covers that go on the ends of the starter cable (both at starter and at starter relay, the ones that go on the battery + cable (both at battery and at starter relay) and the one that goes over the main ground wire at...
  3. T

    VMax toggle switches?

    My VMax has two toggle switches fitted in the plastic fascia on either side of the steering column - just in front of the intakes. One is on-off-on (for grip warmers), and the other is on-off (for a secondary cooling fan). They don't match, and the grip warmer switch is not very good quality...
  4. C

    Bought ZX-14 Masters, Now Banjo Switches ?

    Ok, I bought a set of ZX-14 Clutch and Brake Masters with levers. Need to replace the micro switches and use the banjo bolt micro switches. Both measure the same and I think these are M10 x 1.25 (10mm x 1.25 pitch). Questions: 1. Is the size correct and pitch correct ? 2. Both identical...
  5. firefly

    Why aftermarket thermo switches are not recommended.

    Take a look at the difference between stock & after market switches, the aftermarket ones don't reach the flow of coolant so they have a pocket of none circulating hot coolant & keep the fan on almost all the time straining the charging system, A manual switch is the better alternative, I had...
  6. daves86vmax

    made a place to install my switches

    finally figured out a decent looking spot to mount my switch to.just bent some .062 aluminum from work into an angle,notched it and rolled the ends around and tack welded in place,primed and painted and there it is.i bolted it in place with the lower two bar clamp bolts.
  7. bikedave99

    Low profile handlebar access. switches?

    Has anyone found any low profile accessory switches that mount on the handlebars? Other than a big universal kill switch?
  8. Transam

    RH control switches

    Hey everyone, I was thinking of picking up a rh control assembly off of e-bay as I may be having problems with my start switch. I thought that most years were the same but have hit some sights and they show a different part # for an 85 ( on ebay ) and my 89. What is the difference on these ...
  9. firefly

    Thermo switches to solve overheating

    Here are some part # for the thermal switch that turns the fan on a little earlier than stock: 1- BORG-WARNER TFS-545, 2-WELLS-SW537 ,3-Nissan sentra 1988 I am using the Nissan one but it is $65 from the dealer Vs the others I heard are ~$20.00 from any auto store, you can just ask for the...