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  1. J

    Target fixation? It'll get you every time.
  2. Fire-medic

    FL homeowner needs target practice after home assault

    Wow, better have some on the job retraining for that dispatcher! A Florida man shot one of four armed robbers at his home when 911 accidentally transferred him to voicemail, according to FOX 13. The four men broke into a Port Richey home early Wednesday morning and began beating up a man...
  3. S

    So what? Everyone could use a little target practice.

    I usually ride by this town on my usual summer bike trips. WICHITA, Kansas (AP) - A hearing has been rescheduled for the wounded Kansas veteran accused of...
  4. outlaws justice

    Target Fixation

    I have noticed over the years from my own experience, and then especially from teaching riding programs that target fixation when riding is a problem. Now I am not talking just about looking at the ditch or tree and hitting it. I am mainly speaking of watching other riders. One of the...