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  1. CaptainKyle

    Thursday Racing ?

    Just seeing if any of yall FLorida boys were interested in going to Bradenton Thursday & flogging on the old Max's a bit.
  2. CaptainKyle

    Badenton Dragstrip Thursday Night

    Just trying to see if any one was wanting to go to the strip Thursday night. The weather is far from optimal with 89% humidity predicted but I am probably fixing to part out my bike for unforseen reasons & wanted to run it a couple more times . Was hopeing some other people might be interested.
  3. vmax2extreme

    Thursday night at Thunder 2012?

    Hey all, I need to get a count of how many people plan on making the Thursday night BBQ/Pool Party after the all day ride? We need to figure out how much food we will need to get. Thanks! 1. Michael Moore 2. PDWeyand 3. Steve Katz & Kristi 4. The Beekeeper 5. Leecifer 6. Vmax-mike 7. DMAN999...
  4. SpecOps13

    Range Day, Thursday. And, They Call This Work???

    I'm dangerous now, I've figured out how to do videos...:rofl_200: Thursday, I went to the range (See Picture 1) with one of the companies I shoot for. I took along an old A1 Rifle (Second Picture) and my RMW 45 ACP (Third Picture). Did some burst practice (3 Short Videos) with the A1 and some...
  5. pumacorp

    bike meet every thursday in staten island

    The staten island bike and car show is every thursday on amboy road,,,across from perkins.. 4373 amboy rd staten island ny,,10312 google it... Its always a big turnout and there are mostly cruisers for bikes and alot of old cars... I am the only max that shows up so it would be nice to max...
  6. 82ndCowboy

    Thursday Nights, Orlando FL

    Anyone up for Jonny's Filling Station on Thursday Nights??? It's in Downtown Orlando. I'm planning on going if the nightly rains aren't too bad.
  7. Heretic

    Twin Peaks, Plano, This Thursday.

    I will be staying in Richardson this week and was wondering if any of you would be interested in meeting at the Twin Peaks in Plano this Thursday (or any day Mon-Thurs for that matter) around 7pm or so. Thanks!
  8. 82ndCowboy

    Thursday Night Bike Night Bash for Tornado Relief

    This Thursday Feb 8th, 7pm to when ever! At Johnny Rotten's Bar Out Back. On 17-92 in Sanford Florida. Exit 104 off I-4. The Monsters in the Morning and The Shannon Burke Show are having a free concert to benefit tornado victims of Central Florida. All Proceeds go to The Red Cross to benefit...